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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites here. Number one, this is sort of interesting. This is yesterday on Channel 5 in Los Angeles, KTLA, their morning show. Their entertainment reporter Sam Rubin and his guest, the actress Rosie Perez, are speaking about fairness in the media. And here is a portion of their remarks.

PEREZ: The liberal voice is not heard in America as much as it could be. And even the center, like you said, the center voice is not really heard as much as it should be.


PEREZ: So that’s why I think that it is unfair.

RUBIN: There’s also a show biz element, two things I thought of as all you guys were talking. You know, Rush Limbaugh, who has a very definitive opinion and is very, very much to the right —

UNIDENTIFIED: And not afraid to say what he thinks.

RUBIN: And also very entertaining, love him or hate him, he’s extraordinarily good at what he does. And a lot of liberal voices I think have said, ‘You know, the problem is we don’t have anybody articulating our point of view who is that entertaining, and that’s a problem.’

RUSH: Now, this is somewhat troubling to me. This indicates that some of the libs are starting to understand their plight. (Laughing.) It was fun while they were ignorant and continued to bash their heads against the wall, but this Sam Rubin guy pretty much understands it. Whether that will mean anything to the efforts of liberals to be entertaining — how can anybody be entertaining who’s constantly outraged and angry and ticked off? I don’t know. I mean, Don Rickles does it but it’s a joke. There aren’t a whole lot of angry comics out there that score and it’s certainly isn’t going to happen when you combine liberalism with it.

Another sound bite. This is the CNN News Room. The anchorette Heidi Collins. She’s talking to Terry Jeffrey, the editor of Human Events, and Democrat strategist Donna Brazile. The anchorette said, ‘Terry, are you hearing a lot about Fred Thompson by way of people really interested in what he may have to offer the American public?’

JEFFREY: Absolutely. There’s a lot of excitement among conservatives including inside the Beltway with Fred Thompson getting into it. I think this is an issue where back in 1996 he ran for the Senate not just pro-choice but he was against the pro-life plank in the Republican platform. He’s gotta be very clear and very specific about where he stands on the issue and why his view changed.

BRAZILE: Well, just remember he’s not auditioning for a spot on Rush Limbaugh. He’s auditioning to be president of the United States.

RUSH: (Laughing.) What’s the difference?

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