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RUSH: Listen to this. This is from London: ‘A leaked e-mail message has led to speculation that the British government plans to promote vegetarianism as part of a broader strategy to fight climate change. In a message sent earlier this year to a vegetarian lobbying group…’ I told you these… Even the vegetarians are a bunch of activists. You have militant vegetarians, you do, and they’re out there trying to force you to eat what they think you should. Like I said yesterday, ‘You want the biggest demonstration of the difference between liberals and conservatives, liberals want to control your life. Conservatives don’t.’ They want to live their own; you live your own. You stay within the bounds of the law, propriety, morality, no problem. You want to go buy a Prius, go buy a Prius, but don’t tell me I have to buy one. You want to be a vegetarian, go be a vegetarian but don’t tell me I have to be one. Don’t try to force your wacko ways on us, and that’s what liberals do. You’re going to respond to the vegetarian lobby in the UK? And they are. The Environment Agency is responding to the vegetarian lobby. ‘The Environment Agency — a statutory body set up under a 1995 law — said it was considering ways to deal with global warming, one of which was to encourage people to eat less meat.’

So here you have vegetarian activists who are doing everything they can to force the British government to force everybody else to eat the way they think they ought to eat, and they attach this so-called political connection to it. Save the planet. Global warming. ‘The agency said that it was unlikely that most people would swear off meat entirely and that the issue would have to be introduced ‘gently’ for fear of alienating the public.’ Really? Introduce it gently, like stealthfully do it? Stealthfully do it, introduce something so they don’t notice it until it’s too late? Fool the people? If you ‘don’t want to alienate the public,’ then don’t do it! If you know it would alienate the public, don’t do it! These people in Great Britain are elected, too. ‘The official who authored the e-mail message also wrote that the potential benefits to the climate of a vegan diet could be ‘very significant.’ A vegan diet is one that shuns all meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products,’ which leaves chocolate and wine. (interruption) Wait a minute, you eat fried cheese? Well, that’s the vegan diet. Are you a vegan? Okay. ‘In recent years, vegetarian groups around the world have increasingly turned to the issue of climate change to promote their cause.’ Well, I’m sorry. The cause is not vegetarianism; the cause is liberalism. The cause is huge government! The cause is controlling your life, and it’s the same thing with every other supposed issue.

Whether it’s the environment, whether it’s global warming, whether it’s animal rights or it’s feminism, it’s liberalism, and it is designed to control you, and they do it by making you feel that you’re sinning against a religion. Go out and eat beef, why, you’re destroying rain forests and all that sort of stuff — and of course you don’t want to do that. You want to make difference. So you start eating this vegan stuff, and you look sick after not too long a time. Yes. ‘In recent years, vegetarian groups around the world have been…’ Nothing against vegetarians. See, this is my point. I don’t care what you eat. Just stay outta my life. Don’t tell me I have to eat it, if you’re a vegetarian activist, if you are a militant vegetarian. Hell, these people tried to get, what, a Burger King out in Berkeley to serve these soy burgers? Hey, if you don’t like Burger King, don’t go there, but don’t make them sell stuff that that’s not what they’re in business to do! The city council passed a resolution. It’s about control, folks. It’s not about ‘the climate.’ It’s not about ‘women’s rights.’ It’s not about any of this. It’s about control.

Big government: a bunch people that refuse to hang around anybody who doesn’t live life the exact way they do because they’re these superiorist elitists who think they have all the answers. Growing livestock and so forth ‘produces large amounts of carbon dioxide,’ which is not a pollutant, ‘and methane,’ these are greenhouse gases, ‘blamed for global warming.’ It’s not definitely proved to cause it, just ‘blamed.’ So another angle of global warming, another method to control all aspects of our lives — and that’s what this immigration bill is. See, I wish everybody could react to liberalism the way they’re reacting to this immigration bill. You know they’re lying to you. You know they’re not telling you the truth. You know you can’t trust what they’re saying on this. Well, please, pray tell, ladies and gentlemen, have the same reaction when you hear Algore narrate his idiotic, lying-through-his-teeth-movie or when you hear any other liberal activist talk about Abu Ghraib or the US military or whatever. Do you realize — we have these Gore sound bites; we’ve linked to them on RushLimbaugh.com — without exception, if you wait long enough, everything a liberal tells you will be wrong? Without exception, if you just wait patiently for the truth to reveal itself.

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