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RUSH: I’ve got a couple immigration things but I want to mention one thing that’s brewing out there. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson from Georgia, both Republicans, Chambliss who, by the way, was in the original wave of Republicans supporting Ted Kennedy and others on the bill, the immigration bill, sort of did a 180 yesterday, put out a press release saying they talked to their constituents in Georgia and said the real concern is border security. They urged the president to put up an emergency supplemental to get something done on the border and a lot of people are telling the president this now, and we have to be very careful here, folks. I want to put out the possibility here that that might happen. There might actually be a bill, because they want this. Your elected officials, the White House, want this bill, and they want amnesty.

All you have to do is look at this bill to understand that. There’s really no effort to stem the flow, and particularly the Democrat Party, the purpose of this is to have a never-ending flow of low skilled, uneducated, poor people pouring into the country for the express purpose of providing cheap labor and potentially new union members. The second thing is all these new voters who are going to become controllable and totally dependent, the Democrats running out of victims. So the idea that they’re going to fix the amnesty portion of this is something I don’t think is going to happen, but somebody may come up with an idea here: ‘Okay, we can stem some of the tide out there; we can alleviate some of the anger; we can buy some time here if we just come up with a supplemental bill that says we’re going to build a fence, or really enhance border security somehow.’ That might happen. I’m not going to predict it for certain here, but I won’t be surprised if it does come up with some bill, an emergency supplemental spending total claiming to enhance security, thinking that this will buy you off, and then follow it pretty closely with probably a new rewritten bill, but it will still be an amnesty bill. So the point is to be very careful here and continue to pay attention because it’s obvious this is something they all want, and they’re busy now trying to figure out how they can get it done in the face of all this opposition.



RUSH: Lawrenceburg, North Carolina, and Mark. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just find it ironic that when we have these street demonstrations in favor of amnesty, we have 10,000 people show up with Mexican flags, that’s characterized as a great grassroots movement. But when hundreds of thousands of phone calls and faxes flood Washington, that’s a right-wing bigoted conspiracy.

RUSH: Yeah. You’re referring to Senator Feinstein’s comments?

CALLER: I’m referring to everybody’s comments.

RUSH: Senator Feinstein on Sunday said she has never received more racist, hate-filled phone calls and e-mails in her 15 years in the Senate from opponents of the immigration bill. What you observed is easily understood. These people that you see in the tens of thousands waving Mexican flags, why, they fit the prism. When Democrats look through the prism, everybody like that’s a victim, they’re just trying to come out of the shadows, all they want is a shot at a decent life. We ought to be honored they’ve chosen our country, blah, blah, blah. On the other side, when Feinstein goes out and tries to characterize the opponents of this as racists and bigots and people filled with rage, I’m telling you that’s just to give cover for the next time the bill comes up. Because they know the same number of phone calls are going to come in, maybe more, and they know they’re going to be passionate, and so the Feinstein comment is to allow other senators to say, ‘Well, yeah, we’re getting a lot of phone calls, of course we are, but you ought to hear them, a bunch of racists and nativists and bigots. Not a majority of the country, small group of people calling 25 and 30 time each. We don’t have to listen to these people. We know that the majority of the people are with us on this.’ That’s all her comment is about. It’s setting it up the next time to be able to disregard all of you who plan on calling and continue to e-mail as chump change, wackos, fanatics, not worth listening to.


To Cliff in New York City, great to have you with us, sir. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Rush, I am black; I’m an immigrant; and I am conservative.

RUSH: (applauding)

CALLER: I agree with your position entirely on this immigration bill, but there’s also, to me, a racial component to this thing, because I personally know of several people, legal immigrants, who committed crimes. Some of them were white-collar crimes, and they were deported. Their green card status was rescinded, and they were sent back to their own country. So I’m trying to figure out how is it that they are allowing so many immigrants here who have criminal records. It seems to me the fact that they’re —

RUSH: It’s not ‘allow.’ It’s ‘want.’ Look, that may sound harsh but I’m going to tell you why I say that. A senator proposed — Who was it?

CALLER: The senator from Texas, yes.

RUSH: Yes. He proposed an amendment to deport those who are here with criminal backgrounds, and the Senate defeated it! It was the Cornyn amendment, and they defeated it!

CALLER: But there already is a law, and based on that law, they have deported several black people that I know, all black.

RUSH: Well, look, I happen to agree with you on this. I think for Feinstein to run around and talk about how there are racists and bigots and nativists and restrictionists and all this in the anti-amnesty crowd, the fact is that there is a clear racial preference on the part of this immigration bill for Mexicans, for Hispanics.

CALLER: Absolutely!

RUSH: There’s no question about it.

CALLER: Well, thanks, Rush. That’s my point.

RUSH: Well, Cliff, you made it well, and I as a good host amplified it, thereby cementing it in the minds of the audience.

CALLER: I appreciate it, Rush.


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