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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This call arrived on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on Monday.

CALLER: I find myself occasionally flipping to Rush Limbaugh. He is as heck bent and determined that he is not going to pay Hillary Clinton any respect. I wonder why it is that you call her Hillary instead of Senator Clinton or former First Lady Hillary Clinton. That bothers me tremendously.

RUSH: This woman is from Amelia Island, Florida. She occasionally flips to me, thinks I’m heck bent and determined not to pay her any respect. I don’t understand that. I’m the one that’s saying there’s an 80% chance she’s going to be the next president of the United States. How does that disrespect her? Not only that, whoever this woman is, if you happen to have flipped to Rush Limbaugh just now and just recently, your question about her name, ask her, because every other week she tells the media what she wants to be called, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then drop the Rodham and just be Hillary Clinton. I’m trying to show respect by calling her Mrs. Bill Clinton. She’s a wife, a doting and loving wife out there, proud of her husband. At any rate, we do have some Hillary news and I thought that I would use this as a springboard or a transition to it. I read this yesterday. Rich Lowry has read both of the books about Hillary, the Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta book and the Carl Bernstein book. He really has uncovered some amazing things in these books that the Drive-By Media will not pass on to us. His review is devastating to her.

Rahm Emanuel, Bill Bradley, Donna Shalala all admit and discuss how arrogant and inept and power mad Hillary Clinton is. You know, she is Hugo Chavez in a pantsuit. If she is elected president, if I’m right about this, that there’s an 80% chance that she’s it, I mean, she’s Hugo Chavez. She is going to use the power and the force of government to quiet her opponents and enemies. She’s got a lot of them. She’s got a lot of opponents, and she’s got a lot of enemies. The story about Bill Bradley was all about how Hillary went up to Capitol Hill to try to manage her health care plan. And Bradley said, ‘Look, you’re going to have to change this. The way things work up here, you’re going to have to.’ And she said, ‘No. Not only am I not going to change it, if anybody up here doesn’t participate with me on this, we are going to demonize them.’ Bradley said, ‘Well, that’s it for me. You don’t come up here and say you’re going to start demonizing people when you need some legislation passed.’ Moynihan was part of that group. He, of course, now deceased, but Moynihan and Bradley both were just overwhelmed with how politically inept she was. This has been one of my points all along.

I have shared with you constantly my question. What in the world is it that recommends this woman to be president of the United States other than her last name? The fact that she’s owed this because she’s put up with so much — I mean, there’s so much mythology around this woman. That she could have had this great career on her own; she could have been elected president or a senator as early as 1992; she came out of Wellesley; she came out of Yale. She gave it all up for this hayseed hick in Arkansas and then she had to put up with his peccadilloes. These books talk about how she ran the bimbo eruptions operation. It wasn’t Betsy Wright. Betsy Wright was the public face in it, but it was Hillary running the bimbo operations in 1992 that tried to find all these women that might pop up and accuse Clinton of having dalliances with them and she was in charge of getting hold of them, getting signed affidavits saying it wasn’t true and who knows what kind of threats. They were wiretapping cell phone calls. Hillary and this unit, it was a group in addition to the war room. The war room was Carville and Stephanopoulos and Begala.

Hillary had a further elite group, I forget the name of it, but they were intercepting, monitoring cell phone calls of Clinton opponents trying to find out what their next plan was, and get a head start on it. That’s a warrantless wiretap program that they were engaged in. It’s actually wireless domestic surveillance, wiretapping. Whatever. Byron York’s story, it’s in National Review Online, NRO, is just a devastating review of the information in these two books that the Drive-Bys haven’t touched. Then on the Drudge page today, Drudge links to a Camille Paglia column at Salon.com, and I love Camille Paglia as much as anybody does, I really do, but she makes the statement that Hillary makes Obama and Edwards look like shaky tyros. She doesn’t make them look like shaky tyros, they are shaky tyros. She’s not making them look like that. That’s who these people are. But I thought everybody got this, and I think I’m going to have to spell this out. There’s only one reason why the Breck Girl is a media star, and a couple reasons why Obama is a media star. But the real reason that they are media stars right now in terms of the Drive-By Media and are being pumped up is because they split the anti-Hillary vote, and the anti-Hillary vote, simple math, is much larger than the pro-Hillary vote.

Let me add it up for you. Hillary leads Obama 34-24. ‘Hooray for Hillary,’ goes the Drive-By Media, ‘look at that, she’s leading Obama by ten points, why, that’s fabulous. She can overcome obstacles.’ Hillary leads Edwards 34-10, ‘Hooray for Hillary, why, 24-point lead.’ Hillary even leads Algore who is not in the race 34-17, ‘Wow, look at Hillary Clinton, why, she’s creaming all comers.’ But if you take Algore and Obama and the Breck Girl out of this, Hillary would trail the not-Hillary-three 34-51. There’s 51% of Democrat voters in these polls, if you add ’em up, who are not voting for Hillary. So of course these guys are tyros, and they’re there to split the anti-Hillary vote, and that is how it’s being made to appear in the Drive-By that she’s just cleaning their clocks. But the dirty little secret here is look at the total vote, total polling data and you find that anybody but Hillary gets 51% of the Democrat votes and Hillary gets 34. This is called managing the news, and nobody does it better than Mrs. Clinton. I’m not exaggerating. All she has to say is ‘From now on I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton,’ they snap to. All she has to say is ‘I’m dropping Rodham, I’m going back to Hillary Clinton,’ they snap to, just as simple as it can be.

Let’s take a look at these polls, shall we, ladies and gentlemen? There’s an interesting poll out there, and I’m thinking the smartest woman in the world is going to have to have mixed feelings over the latest polls. This is a Washington Post story: ‘Clinton is drawing especially strong support from lower-income, lesser-educated women — voters her campaign strategists describe as ‘women with needs.’ Obama, by contrast, is faring better among highly educated women, who his campaign says are interested in elevating the political discourse.’ Well, rah-rah, we always hear about the political discourse needing to be elevated. (interruption) What do you mean, women with desires? Oh, I see, women with desires as opposed to women with needs? Yeah. Well, here’s the bottom line here. She’s comfortably ahead of Barack and the Breck Girl as we’ve just reported to you. Her advantage with women voters is especially strong among the poor stupid ones. The more educated women lean toward Barack Obama — (interruption) I’m just trying to communicate. Let’s be real here. You can say the less educated, the lower income, the poor stupid women favor Hillary. She’s going to look at it that way.

So we have another of these Drive-By Media disconnects. The pundits and the spinners tell us how smart she is, how competent, how prepared for the presidency she is, and yet who is she resonating with? The poor stupid women out there are her biggest support group. The less educated, lower income. Now, I gotta stop this because if I keep going I’m going to end up sounding bigoted. For example, how do you end up saying that Hillary Clinton needs poor stupid women voters to win? So I hope the caller from Amelia Island, Florida, happened to flip by for the open of the program today.


RUSH: This is fun. People sending me e-mails. ‘Rush, why are you perhaps possibly insulting women in your audience by calling the women that prefer Hillary poor, stupid women?’ I don’t think there are stupid women in this audience. Look, folks, if we may be serious for a second. This polling data shows exactly what Hillary Clinton needs, and the Democrat Party needs them, too. They’re running out of victims, and that’s what this whole — as far as the Democrat perspective is concerned, Democrat perspective on illegal immigration is all about getting undereducated or low educated, whatever you say, poor people, that’s who they need. Those are the easiest people to control. That’s what liberal Democrats are all about.


Let’s go to audio sound bite 14. It’s Anne Kornblut of the Washington Post. We just talked about the polling data on Hillary Clinton showing that her strongest support from women is — as the Post described it — ‘women with needs,’ the low-income, poorly educated. The highly indicated well to do women who only have desires but not needs, they’re all going for Obama, which is interesting. Hillary’s the smartest woman in the world. She has all of this relevance and so forth and the biggest group of women that support her are the poor, stupid ones, which I think is a key to the Democrat Party’s longevity. Those are the kind of people that they can control. So here’s Anne Kornblut who wrote the story. She was on PMSNBC yesterday morning being interviewed by one of the info babes there, and she basically got the question about okay, poor women, uneducated women going for Hillary; the smart babes with desires going for Barack. What about that?

KORNBLUT: My own theory is that women who have what they call real needs — health care, child care, a secure job — um, those are people who need somebody who they see as a concrete leader doing specific things for them. Mort upscale, more educated women, the Clinton campaign would say have the luxury of thinking about somebody who’s a little more high-minded. Now, the Obama campaign would say that once everybody gets to know him, more even downscale women, they would prefer him but the facts are there. Downscale women for now really do prefer Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: All right, how do you translate this? That’s what you need me for. Obama and Hillary are in a competition for the ‘downscale women.’ Poor, stupid ones. Obama is a little upset he doesn’t have them. Well, statistically there are going to be more of them than the ‘high-minded, upscale women.’


RUSH: Here’s Andrew, Evansville, Indiana, you’re up first today. I appreciate your patience. Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. You said something earlier that confused me. Hillary Clinton’s main group of people she appeals to are women with needs? I thought that was Bill’s main group.

RUSH: Well — no. Bill works with women who have desires. See, that’s the difference, needs and desires.


RUSH: But, look, you’re trying to crack a joke up. I’ve always said, leave this to the professionals. Don’t try this at home. I make it look easy. It was a nice stab. I’m going to use your call because you were so graciously patient, to transition to explaining this again. There’s a Washington Post poll that suggests Barack Obama is really scoring well with highly educated women, and Mrs. Clinton is not. She’s scoring well with low educated and poor women. The thing that strikes me is that she’s the smartest woman in the world. Why, how come she’s not appealing to women who are from her same strata? Now the way the Washington Post talks about this is women with needs, poor women, and women with desires who are affluent women. The women with desires, you’re right, are flocking to Bill Clinton and to Barack Obama, for different reasons.

But if you add this together, folks, it’s not hard to figure out where the Democrat Party is headed and what they want the population of this country to consist of on a majority basis. They are pursuing uneducated voters. Obama, in the story, recognizes that’s a weakness. Hillary’s not concerned with not having the upper educated women. She’s happy to have who she’s got. Barack Obama is concerned, (doing impression) ‘Well, I can find my way down there. I can get ’em. We’re working hard to get the poor, uneducated women. We’ll get them to our campaign.’ They want them, is the point, and that’s why they’re willing to look the other way at the types of people that illegal immigrants are that are pouring across the border. They want them. They’re controllable, or more easily controllable, and they’re dependent. They’re trying to change their bosses from us to a different group of people who are going to have far more need and dependence for them. This is Pete in Norwalk, Connecticut. Pete, you’re next, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Good, sir.

CALLER: Good to talk to you. I just want to make reference to — I think at the top of your show you played a sound bite from that lady in Florida, that chastised you by not showing sufficient respect for the union senator from New York.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I would like to point out to her, she may recall that in her 2000 run for the Senate Mrs. Clinton was so obsessed with distancing herself from president peccadillo that all her campaign propaganda, including her posters said only Hillary, said nothing else, it said Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. So all you’re doing, Rush, is acquiescing to the wishes of the smartest woman in the world.

RUSH: Well, look, the woman was from Amelia Island, Florida, and she was upset that we’re not showing proper respect to Mrs. Clinton. She said she occasionally flips on my show and said I just don’t respect her at all. We call her who she wants to be called. One day it’s Hillary, the next day it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next day it’s Hillary Clinton. But your point is she calls herself Hillary in her campaign. Look, how many times do you see the Drive-By Media say Bush, not President Bush, when talking about him? It’s not unique, and for people that complain about the way Mrs. Clinton is being disrespected is foolish. I submit to you that since Nixon and Reagan, there hasn’t been a Republican as berated, attacked, demeaned, impugned, and lied about as George W. Bush. No respect whatsoever has been offered. And of course these women are not concerned about that. But she’s obviously a Hillary supporter, and that explains her point of view.

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