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RUSH: All right, after you new-toners out there, and all you people who believe that all we have to do with our enemies — be they terrorists or be they Democrats — ‘extend the hand of friendship; reach across the aisle; show them we mean them no harm, do whatever is necessary to eliminate these differences in these confrontations.’ For all of you who think that works: ‘Two congressional committees are issuing subpoenas for testimony from former White House counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor on their roles in the firings of eight federal prosecutors, according to two officials familiar with the investigation.’ This is an AP story from 10:30 this morning. ‘Democrats probing whether the White House improperly dictated which prosecutors the justice department should fire also are subpoenaing the White House for all relevant documents,’ said these officials who, as always, ‘spoke on condition of anonymity because the move had not yet been made formerly public.’ This is coming from the Judiciary Committee and Senator Depends, Patrick ‘Leaky’ Leahy. He issued Taylor’s subpoena for her testimony July 11th. His counterpart in the House, John Conyers of Michigan, issued a subpoena for Miers’ testimony the next day.

‘The White House has repeatedly refused to make current and former officials involved in the firings available except in private interviews without transcripts. Congressional investigators have refused that offer.’ You know, Harry Reid and Pelosi had better be real careful here. Congress’ approval ratings are lower than they have been in 10 years. Dingy Harry’s ratings were lower than Newt Gingrich’s were. Pelosi’s are getting close to that, in 1995. The whole country is looking at all of government and saying, ‘You guys can’t get anything done. You’re not even trying to do anything, and the things you are trying to do, we don’t believe you when you tell us that you’re gonna do this. We don’t believe you can do it. When you can’t issue passports in three months, how in the world are you going to background check 12 million illegal people in 24 hours? We just don’t believe you can do it, and we don’t believe you intend to do it, and we don’t trust your ability to do it.’ It’s actually a great opportunity here for people to see the inefficiency and the total bottleneck that big government, in the hands of people who want it to grow even bigger, produces.

So here we have Dingy Harry and Pelosi whose numbers are sinking fast, and all they’re doing is harassing the Bush administration. Now, there is a reason for this and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. These eight US attorneys — not all, but the vast majority of them — had complaints pouring in from all over the country about the fact that they were lax on voter fraud cases. They weren’t pursuing them, and the Bush administration was upset by that. Of course there’s no crime here. There has never been a crime. The president can fire anybody any time he wants to without cause, without reason, particularly people like this who serve at his pleasure. What the Democrats are doing with this, in addition to harassing the president and the White House and causing all this havoc with the subpoenas, what they’re doing is setting up the ’08 election so that there will be no voter fraud investigations when they engage in it. They’re trying to make it look like the Bush administration is out there, in a hell-bent kind of way, cheating and firing people and trying to catch Democrats cheating or whatever, and this is to prevent that. This is just like they oppose photo IDs at ballot boxes.

The only reason they oppose that is because you want people to be able to go in there and cheat, to fraudulently vote numerous times, people who are not registered and what have you — and that ultimately is what this harassment of the White House is all about, is next year when there are voter fraud allegations, the Democrats can say, ‘We were trying to get to the bottom of it, but the Bush administration was firing people who were lax on voter fraud investigations. That’s what they said; we don’t believe them.’ They’re always working in advance and down the line on things like this. Besides all that, the idea! Bush has done everything he can; he’s working with them on their immigration bill, other than Iraq; he’s let Ted Kennedy write the education bill. He has had him up to the White House, popcorn for Kennedy movie. It doesn’t work, new-toners! It just doesn’t work. All they sense is blood in the water and weakness, because they’re not interested in getting along. They’re interested in defeating us, which we ought to be interested in, but when you listen to Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty you get the idea that’s not what some on our side have as their objective.


RUSH: Snerdley was asking me during the break, ‘I don’t understand your point about this investigation into the firing of eight US attorneys being a setup for the ’08 campaign.’ It’s very simple. I’m glad you asked me the question, Mr. Snerdley, so I can re-explain this. It’s simply to discredit any investigation that happens after the ’08 election, because the Democrats can go back and say, ‘Well, look what the Bush administration was doing firing eight US attorneys and so forth trying to protect themselves, blah, blah, blah.’ They’re using everything. They’re trying to create a firestorm here where no crime was been committed, no impropriety whatsoever, and they’re trying to make the American people think that there’s corruption all over the Department of Justice so that after the ’08 elections any investigation that might be undertaken, or allegation made, about vote fraud involving Democrats will be discredited because of this controversy now. That’s my theory. I think that’s how they think about this.

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