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RUSH: You know, we had the story yesterday from the Washington Post, polling data on Mrs. Clinton. Her strength is with poor, uneducated women, poor, stupid women, dumb women, whatever. And Obama is attracting the educated, smart women, wealthy women. So Hillary’s attracting the women who have needs; Obama’s getting the women who have desires.

USA Today. ‘Democrat Barack Obama is surpassing rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in campaign contributions from areas with blacks of above-average income.’ So Obama’s getting a lot of money from areas of the country from blacks with above average income. ‘The Illinois senator has received more than double the number of campaign contributions from ZIP codes with sizable concentrations of upper-income blacks than Clinton, according to the analysis of first-quarter campaign records.’ Well, now, I’m sure many of you are stunned to find out that there are upper income blacks, because this is a story that is not told often in the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media may not even know they’re there, or think if they are there, they gotta be conservatives so they really don’t count, they’re not authentic. But I guess Hillary’s accent down there in Selma and all that is not playing to upper income blacks. She goes down there and starts singing and speaking in the dialect of her audience. You know, she’s has this ‘you can learn to do it, too,’ program.

(Playing of Hillary dialect commercial.)

It’s obviously not working, not attracting the above average income well-to-do blacks. See, this is actually not a problem. For Mrs. Clinton, the more stupid her voting base, the better off for her. Obama even went out and said, ‘Yeah, well, we’re working on this. I know we’ve got the upper income educated women. We’re not forgetting the poor, stupid ones and we’re going to go out there and make every effort to get them.’ He didn’t use those words, but they’re easier to control and keep dependent.


RUSH: E-mail here from a subscriber at RushLimbaugh.com.

‘Dittos, Rush. May I comment that lumping all the less-educated women under the term ‘stupid’ is somewhat offensive to me. I did not complete college, but am fully aware that I’m an intelligent woman. Thanks, love the show. Sue from Canton, Georgia.’

Sue, I can understand why you’d be offended by this, but the bottom line is the story and the Washington Post story and the polling data clearly meant ‘stupid,’ ignorant — not trying to be offensive here — dumb, whatever. They use the words ‘less educated.’ This is the point. They aren’t calling it as it is. They use all these terms designed to be politically correct, but the point of the story was that women who are not engaged in things and not paying attention, that are not that bright, that Hillary is attracting them — and that’s fine with her, by the way. You gotta understand this. That is why Obama’s out there saying, well, don’t worry. We’re still competitive in that arena for the ignorant. We’re not giving up on the ignorant. They want ’em. Like Gary Sheffield said about Latins in baseball are ‘controllable.’ If you’re upset about it, become a conservative, and no way you will be stupid, dumb, what have you. Have you seen this music video on YouTube of this babe singing to Barack Obama? She’s described here that — ah, this is one of Barack’s women with desires.

That’s another thing. The Post story said Hillary’s voters are ‘women with needs,’ meaning they’re poor, and Barack’s female voters are those with ‘desires,’ meaning their needs are satisfied. Their desires, that’s what Barack’s for. So one of those women has done an amusing thing. This is Jake Tapper at ABC News. ‘An amusing, risqué music video featuring a nubile young woman breathlessly singing her love for Obama appeared on the web this week, titled, ‘I Got a Crush on Obama.’ The song and the video took the Obama campaign by surprise and further demonstrated how the democratic nature of the Internet, specifically Internet video, is affecting politics in unpredictable ways.’ Now, you know, yip yip yip yip yahoo, but I remember the ad that Republican Bob Corker ran against Harold Ford in Tennessee. ‘That’s racist,’ and Chris Matthews for three or four nights in a row demanded, ‘What do you think those hicks in the bars on Friday night drinking a Lone Star long necks out there from Texas think of that commercial when they see it? They think racism!’ But here’s this story and it’s just cute. ‘Look at this little girl. She has a little crush on Obama. Why, the impact of the Internet on politics deserves our serious examination.’

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