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RUSH: All right, the South Florida emergency management system, Broward County, will not go away. This story will not go away. Last night it was big on Hannity & Colmes and also on the Scarborough Country show on PMSNBC. Scarborough’s guests last night were media analyst Steve Adubato and a liberal talk show host named Mike Pepantonio. Scarborough says, ‘You agree with Rush Limbaugh that these politicians are politicizing hurricane protection measures?’

ADUBATO: Joe, you know Florida well, but I know Rush Limbaugh [sic], and I have to tell you something. Rush doesn’t take the high road. I don’t necessarily agree with what they’re doing down there. Obviously, they’re going to go along with the contract but here’s the problem with Rush. Rush turns around, and what does he say? He talks about the woman, the — Stacy Ritter, the councilwoman down there, calls her ‘a liberal babe.’

SCARBOROUGH: (Chuckles.)

ADUBATO: He said, ‘Liberal babes are rare. That’s why they stand out.’ So this is the same guy who calls women who are liberal feminazis [sic].

SCARBOROUGH: Wait! Waaait!

ADUBATO: This is the same guy who did what he did to Michael J. Fox.

RUSH: I’ve never met Steve Adubato. That’s who’s speaking. I don’t know how Steve Adubato ‘knows’ me, because I don’t know him. But, Steve, let me tell you something. I was sitting here earlier this week minding my own business, and all of a sudden babe — and she is babe! Well, in the pictures I’ve seen she’s a babe. Anyway, she starts attacking me, starts attacking the radio station that carries my program. She doesn’t want people in her area to have to listen to that station because I’m on it. I’m sitting here minding my own business. I didn’t attack her. She is stupid or did a stupid thing here — and, by the way, I did comment on this seriously as well as crack a few jokes. You liberals can’t laugh at anything, and you continue to perpetuate the myth that you were part of perpetuating on MSNBC about the whole Michael J. Fox scenario. So next it’s Papantonio guy’s turn, and Scarborough says, ‘It seems to me this isn’t about Rush Limbaugh. It’s about public safety. Are these politicians not politicizing public safety just because they don’t like Rush Limbaugh?’

PAPANTONIO: I think you’re narrowing the issue. This is about the free market system taking care of itself. It’s good news. I’m so glad because advertisers and political candidates pull their money, pull their advertisements from networks all the time because they don’t agree with political agenda. So you have Rush Limbaugh crying like a school baby out there about the fact — and, you know what? You live by the sword, you die by the sword. This is no different from the Dixie Chicks. Look what Rush Limbaugh did to the Dixie Chicks.

RUSH: I didn’t do a thing to the Dixie Chicks! I didn’t get involved in the Dixie Chicks thing. I made a couple of side comments. I couldn’t have cared less about the Dixie Chicks thing. That was radio stations that caused the problems that play music, country stations that caused problems for the Dixie Chicks. As far as ‘crying like a school baby’ out there? I had more fun with this than I can remember something that liberals have done in a long time. Now back to Adubato who wanted to add this in later.

ADUBATO: Rush, I gotta tell you, if you frame it on the safety issue, you win, Joe. Rush wins. That’s fine. Hopefully the people win. But Rush has a lot of nerve hiding behind the safety issue when he has attacked more people, tried to get more people taken off the air by calling them all sorts of names, and he doesn’t engage in just political ideology. He engages in name-calling and it’s dangerous and they have a right to express their opinion down there against him.

RUSH: They do. They do. But it was absolutely stupid what their opinion was like. They have a right. Michael J. Fox is entitled to go on television and lie about Republican candidates and embryonic stem cells, but he doesn’t get immunity from criticism when he enters the political arena, Steve. Nobody here was upset about this. We laughed ourselves silly. The people that are embarrassed here are those that went public on the Broward County Commission. I don’t know who he is. I have no clue. The fact that he’s on MSNBC means he’s a nobody. I don’t know who he is. I have never tried to take anybody off the air. I have never tried to take anybody off the air. That’s another thing. Every fact presented by every guest in that segment on Scarborough’s show last night, was so 180 degrees out of phase it’s laughable. Get people taken off the air by calling them names. Name calling? All I do is use humor. You mean like when I call Nifong ‘Fitzfong,’ or when I call Patrick Fitzgerald ‘Fitzschumer,’ or ‘feminazis.’ That really bothers them — and I don’t know what he’s talking about get people taken off the air, but the feminazi term, the reason it upsets them is because it works. You know, it’s like calling the amnesty bill ‘amnesty.’ Those guys don’t like it, either, because it works.

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