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RUSH: I want to give you something to think about here, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve had all of this trouble — this recent trouble, which is just more of the same — in Gaza and basically Hamas has just wiped out the government. Well, Hamas creamed Fatah. The Fatah bunch is trying to come up with a way to get along with Israel, and it just wasn’t going to fly with militant Islamofascists and Hamas. Hamas basically has taken over Gaza. Fatah still runs the West Bank, and the Hamas people say, ‘This is an Islamic society, now! This is an Islamic country, the religion of peace,’ and all that. Of course, the Hamas people took as many Fatah officers out in the street, in front of their wives and kids and just gunned them down. At least they didn’t torture them but they gunned ’em down. ‘Bam, bam, you’re dead,’ and what’s the reaction of the state department and all the elites and all of these pointy-heads? ‘We need to convene talks! We need, once again, to initiate negotiations! We must sit down, and we must have cool heads prevail here. We must talk.’ Uh, right. Beyond that, the Palestinian people in Gaza, elected terrorists, Hamas, to run their government. Everybody is saying, ‘We need to stay engaged here. We gotta stay engaged. We must bring peace to the region. We must stay engaged. We’ve gotta do what we can. We have to get these two sides together so they can talk.’

Listen to what the new Hamas leaders are saying. Look at how these guys are dressed. You see these pictures of these dudes on the phone out there, wearing all this body armor and ammunition and so forth? They’re out there claiming, ‘This is it. Israel’s days are numbered,’ echoing everything that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is saying. So while our elites and, of course, Republicans and Democrats alike are saying, ‘Well, we need to stay engaged. We need to come up with a peace plan here. We must stop the violence,’ the Iraqi people did not elect terrorists to run their government. The Iraqi people did not elect Al-Qaeda to run their government. The Iraqi people are fighting terrorists, and, of course, we should leave! We should stay in the Middle East, and we should stay engaged, ’til we can get these two sides together, and we gotta find a way through negotiation and through words and doctors and nurses and clean water, to find a peaceful solution — and Iraq, we need to get the hell out and the people running our campaign there are a couple of idiots, according to Dingy Harry.


RUSH: Dana in Memphis, Tennessee, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, thanks so much for having me. I’ve listened for 15 years, and this is my first call.

RUSH: I appreciate that.

CALLER: I value your opinion a great deal, and something I’ve been confused about is I’m not a huge supporter of the war in Iraq, but I’m trying to make an educated decision, and I hear a lot that we shouldn’t get out; we don’t need to pull out; bad things are going to happen. What I’d like to know from you is, if we pull out — let’s say later this year, if we pull the troops out — can you paint a picture of what Iraq would be in ten years? How would it affect America, how would it affect the Middle East? Because I hear people saying it would be bad but I’ve never heard anyone saying here’s why it would be bad.

RUSH: Take a look at Gaza today and you’ll see Iraq within years or months after we pull out. Now, if you’re not concerned about what’s going on with Gaza — and what’s happened there is Hamas is proudly proclaiming an Islamist victory, an Islamist society, and they’re going to continue to march against Israel and so forth as they’ve been doing for years, which is an ally of ours. If that doesn’t concern you, then it wouldn’t. But the big thing about pulling out, besides what the eventual view of things would be is that we have just told the world that we’ll quit. We have just told the world that we’ll accept defeat. We’ve just told every ally that they can’t really trust us the next time we ask them to get involved with us somewhere, and so we’ll just be more vulnerable. This is the kind of weakness and the kind of thing that terrorists and people who want to attack the country see as weakness. Bin Laden himself said it in the Black Hawk Down circumstance in Somalia in Mogadishu, and he said it to an ABC News reporter. We’ve got the audio, and the videotape has been played as well. When we cut and ran out of Mogadishu after taking 24, 25 casualties, bin Laden said, well, America’s gone soft. They can’t handle casualties.

They know how to play our media. So we would be making ourselves much more vulnerable. Harry Reid two years ago said this. In March of 2005, he was in Iraq. He came back and he said, ‘I don’t see how we can pull out of there now. The terrorists would win.’ Now he’s done a 180 now since defeat of the US, he thinks, will advance the fortunes of the Democrat Party. (Stop and think about that.) The actual on-the-ground results, look at Gaza, that would represent — what you don’t want is for something like a terrorist state, a terrorist organization to actually get a state, to actually have a country that they govern and run, like Afghanistan was and like Iraq would become, and like Iran is, and they all start cooperating with each other, with that agenda of driving out infidels, wherever they are in the world, nonbelievers and so forth. The big problem is we’d just be waving the white flag; we’d be giving up. The United States doesn’t surrender, and we don’t give up — and if we did in this case, it’s just going to come back to haunt us later on. We’re going to have face these guys somewhere down the road if we are to survive. The time is now.

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