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RUSH: You know, sometimes the legal system just appears to be broken irreparably. The appellate court unanimously ruled today that Scooter Libby has to go jail while waiting the outcome of his appeal. He had asked to be allowed to remain free while the appeal was taking place. This is obviously a dramatic setback. Everything in this case is just senseless. There was never any crime. We knew who made the original leak about what’s her name. It’s just unbelievable.

Now, the president is up there meeting with the KGB today. He has Vladimir Putin up there at Kennebunkport. You know (sigh). It’s time for this pardon. It just really is. A lot of people have made the call on the president to do this and he’s reluctant to do it for a host of reasons, pending the appeal. He wants to wait for the appeal to happen. I don’t see how it could lower his standing in the polls. But he’s not used the pardon that presidents have nearly as much as previous presidents have. I read this, and I just can’t really imagine what it’s like to be Scooter Libby. He’s got to think he’s in a dream or in a nightmare or in the Twilight Zone, and his family as well.

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