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RUSH: Jim, thanks for waiting, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I’ll tell you what, I’ve listened to you since 1989. I so admire you. You say everything I want to say articulately, diligently, and to the point. I…cannot believe I’m being actually talking to you.

RUSH: Well, it’s your lucky day. I’m flattered with your comments. It’s great to have you on the program. Brevity is the soul of wit, and that’s why I try to get in, get it, and get out.

CALLER: Well, Rush I’ll try to be as articulate because I’m a little nervous because I can’t believe I’m actually speaking to you, but —

RUSH: Well, you know, I want to say this to all callers: nobody expects a caller to be as articulate or as succinct as I am. Nobody has that expectation. So you shouldn’t be nervous.

CALLER: Oh, well, I’ll tell you what, I have so many things I would love to sit down and talk to you about, but I will get to the point really quick. I would like to hear… I have not heard a single word out of Hillary Clinton discussing the immigration bill, and why I say that is that I sent a letter to both senators of my great state of Ohio, Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich, and I am very much a conservative, and I voted for Voinovich in the last election. I did receive an e-mail back from Sherrod Brown, who blamed everything on NAFTA, and Voinovich I never heard a single word from, but after calling his office relentlessly last week —

RUSH: Wait a minute. I thought you said you haven’t heard Hillary say anything about it.

CALLER: Well, I have not heard anything from Hillary, but I’m just saying what I find interesting is that the ones that voted for cloture, I don’t hear anything from, nothing — except for Sherrod Brown, which I expected to hear from him anyway because he wants to blame everything on NAFTA.

RUSH: You may not hear from them personally but they’re out there speaking, and Hillary has come out. After the vote failed, she had a couple of things to say in a press conference. I don’t know if she put out a press release on it or anything. But she’s not making a big deal of it in her campaign. They’re heading into Iowa, she and Bill are heading into Iowa today for four days. She can’t get it done without him out there. I’ve got a story on it. We’ll get to it in due course. (interruption) Well, Barack raised more money than Hillary, but that’s not the full story. She’s going to be the nominee. You know, Howard Dean raised more money than anybody else, and he lost in the first Hawkeye cauci. That’s where John Kerry’s, quote, unquote, ‘electability’ surfaced, is when Dean bombed out. Clinton, Inc., hasn’t even started working on Obama yet, I think. Look, you gotta remember something. I warned you about this many, many moons ago. The Clintons, they’re sort of conflicted with this whole concept of inevitability. They like it but they don’t like it at the same time, because the whole concept of inevitability of her being elected president, they think can work negatively and positively. So having Barack out there as something she must overcome — she must win a fight, must overcome this obstacle — is something that they probably secretly like.

Now, I don’t think that they ever expected him to be raising this kind of money. If you add all these numbers up, the Democrat candidates have raised a total — in this year, I think, of what’s been reported — of about $61 million, and nine of that is Edwards. Edwards is just nowhere, folks. As far as money is concerned, he’s literally nowhere, compared to Hillary and Barack and of course none of the others are raising any significant money, either, but if you add them all up to $61 million… I don’t know where the Republicans are. I don’t even think they’re halfway there if you add them up as a field. But too much emphasize I think is put on money, particularly during primaries. Mrs. Clinton, seven million, I think, of her total is for the general election, which is a positive thing for her, because it shows she’s able to go out and get $7 million for the general election right now before she’s even won the primary. Barack doesn’t have any money for the general election, obviously. So they have numbers of ways of looking at this, plus there are so many institutions. Media Matters for America and all these other little organizations that are just extensions of the Clintons, that don’t count when you start raising money.

But how much are they worth when all this free publicity and attacks that they dole out on any opponent of Hillary Clinton? So, yeah, if you just look at the money in one sense, you would conclude that Barack’s doing very well and Hillary isn’t, but he doesn’t have nearly the organization that she does. I think she’s got the same problems that nobody else is going to have. She’s got problems of likability, and she’s got problems of reality. She’s not a real person. Nobody really knows who the real Hillary is, and she hasn’t had to put that on display much yet. She’s going to have to do a pretty good job of covering that up. You know, money is one thing, and it’s the mother’s milk of politics. At the same time, there’s this thing that Barack is doing right now and that is that he is generating — in addition to that, the money is an indication of this — a lot of popularity, a lot of excitement. There seems to be a big buzz. Frankly, he’s got 154,000 individual donors that have given a total of $31 million. I find it amazing. You watch this stuff, and I don’t see this happening out there. I see it happening in the media, but I don’t see it happening. Yet the money rolls in. They can’t lie about the numbers. So it’s obviously real. You just don’t see the evidence of it, other than, as I say, in the media — and that could be where the excitement is actually being generated.

Then of course you have as David Ehrenstein in the LA Times in an op-ed piece back in March pointed out the ‘magic negro’ aspect of the Barack campaign. A lot of guilty white liberals can say they’re supporting Obama right now and make themselves feel better and prove to everybody that they’re not racists, even though they have no clue what he stands for. So it’s all very fluid, but I think the only thing the Clintons are really unhappy about and surprised about is the amount of money that Barack has raised. The fact that he’s still there? They Clintons haven’t even started trying to take the guy out yet. We’re talking Clinton, Inc., here, folks. (interruption) I have just been asked, ‘Can they afford to do their usual tricks on Barack?’ Yes, of course they can, because all their usual tricks never have their fingerprints on them. That’s one of the key elements of Clinton, Inc. You don’t know who did it! What happened to Howard Dean? Howard Dean was taken out in the Hawkeye cauci. Somebody released a letter from that Dean had written Clinton when he was president, saying we needed to do something about Iraq, we need to do something about Saddam Hussein, and of course Howard Dean was running an anti-war, anti-this campaign — and, well, we all know who released it. It had to be Clinton’s office, but nobody ever knew it for sure. All that was reported was, ‘O, look at this letter Howard Dean wrote!’ That’s a classic illustration of how Clinton, Inc. functions.


RUSH: Now, look, I want to clarify something here, too, about Mrs. Clinton and her fundraising along with Obama. They both have a lot of money. It would be one thing if Obama had raised 31 and Hillary had raised nine like the Breck Girl. But what is it, 31-24? They both have a lot of money, and you’ve got to remember, all of these front groups, they don’t tally the financial value of these front groups. Media Matters, The Center for American Progress, they’re all her groups, and they’re all supposedly ‘independent’ and supposedly ‘non-ideological,’ supposedly ‘charitable’ and ‘nonprofit,’ and this sort of thing. But they’re Hillary fundraising groups, or front groups that go out and promote her and attack her enemies — and how do you put a dollar value on that? That’s part of Clinton, Inc.

She will be the nominee, there’s no question about it, and it’s going to be tough for her. She’s going to have trouble concealing her hated personality. She’s not a likable woman. Everybody knows this, and they’re worried about it, but her leftist agenda. How’s she going to hide that? Especially in the primaries, she’s going to have to really trumpet that leftist agenda. The New York Times, as I mentioned earlier, too, is smearing Fred Thompson and getting nowhere doing it. I mentioned earlier that if they really want to start looking at lobbying efforts that have actually been reported in newspapers, LA Times and the Atlanta Journal Constipation, to have real potential criminal implications, that would be Harry Reid and his kids, and some of the shenanigans they’ve done in Nevada — and that has direct links to the Senate. But even forgetting Dingy Harry, look at Hillary’s husband. Hillary’s husband earns tens of millions of dollars talking to companies, special interests, which money belongs to her, too! That’s no big deal. Well, yes, it gets filed jointly in her reports of their wealth and so forth. Absolutely it’s hers. He’s out there talking to Dubai. He’s out there talking to all these foreign governments. He’s taking money from them. You don’t think this is lobbying? In fact in the Dubai Ports deal, Clinton was a hired lobbyist. He was out there trying to make the US Congress go ahead and vote for the Dubai Ports deal!

The idea heathens lobbying? The idea he’s not engaged in some kind of chicanery here and nefarious activity? All of these people that are paying Clinton, all of this money to make speeches are banking one thing. They are banking on Hillary becoming president, and if you look at the media it’s all Hillary all the time, all Democrat all the time, that’s what everybody’s focused on. Now, while they’re attacking Fred Thompson and they’re trying to make Fred Thompson look dirty with lobbying and his sons, there is a far more direct link and question when Hillary’s husband is raking in tens of millions and they’re bragging about it, as they always do! They’re out there bragging about how much money they’re earning. (Clinton impression) ‘I don’t need that tax cut, you know, but they want to give it to me.’ Well, I have not seen anybody offer the government any money back on the Clintons side. They’re taking in tens of million dollars talking to everything from insurance companies, farm groups, the Saudis. They’re paying Clinton big bucks to get to her, because she’s the one who will have power. This is how they work! Hillary is getting this money. It’s hers, just as it is his, because it all has to be reported. It’s contributing to both of their wealth. Clinton’s out there. He’s just a blowhard right now but he’s doing the front work. He’s making all the money and he’s making the contacts for her because that’s what this is all about. That’s how Clinton, Inc., works. You haven’t seen Obama over there talking to Saudis, have you? You haven’t seen Obama over in Dubai.

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