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RUSH: We have a 13-year-old young man on the phone from Somerset, Pennsylvania. His name is Patrick. Patrick, great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh.


CALLER: I just want to talk to you about global warming.

RUSH: Feel free. Go ahead and launch.

CALLER: All right. When I was in school we had a current events class, and we would read the more liberal magazines like TIME and Newsweek, and they always have these articles in there about some new study about global warming, about how the earth was three degrees hotter than it was a hundred years ago, but they never had any evidence in there that it was caused by people, that it wasn’t just a natural cycle.

RUSH: Did you mention this?

CALLER: No, I didn’t. I just thought of it near the end of the school year.

RUSH: You just observed it? Well, that’s probably wise on your part. You’re very smart, because you’re exactly right. They didn’t present any evidence. Well, they didn’t present any evidence, but did they try to convince you, without evidence, that it was manmade?

CALLER: Yeah, they told us we need to start driving hybrids; that it’s going to be summer in January.

RUSH: (laughs) Yeah, and at 13. Where do you think your skepticism of this came from?

CALLER: My parents have always been kind of skeptical of it.

RUSH: Well, more and more Americans are being skeptical of it. You’re going to face a lot more… Have you been forced to watch Algore’s movie where you go to school?

CALLER: No, we haven’t. Our town, it’s kind of conservative.

RUSH: Well, but look. Patrick, this will be a good lesson. There are liberals everywhere. You may think that just because your town is conservative — there are liberals. They’re hiding in the shadows, and they are lurking there, and they’re around and the odds are that many of them are in the school system. You’ll probably at some point probably have to watch this, unless your parents and other parents find out about it and demand, ‘If you’re going to show this movie, you better show the Great Global Warming Swindle and put the other side to our kids out there.’ Well, congratulations. I’m glad you called and told us this. This is the kind of thing that gives us all encouragement for the future. Here you are at 13, already aware of when you’re watching propaganda. That’s great.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Okay, Patrick. Thanks much.

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