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RUSH: Boy, we had a major, major storm go through here last night. I, of course, at my fortress compound am well protected, well insulated except I keep finding things that had not been done. For example, I got surge protectors all over everything so nothing gets damaged. I’ve got a generator in case we go down. But last night, the humidor, it’s a walk-in humidor, and the smoke-eater system in my library, the computer controls the air-conditioner, and that computer got hit, and it wasn’t protected. I don’t know how this was. I was hustling around last night taking cigars out of the humidor into the cooler part of the house because I didn’t want to ruin them. They get bugs in them. The smoke eater wasn’t working, so it was an emergency last night. Normally these kinds of things don’t happen. I saw it on the radar. I saw it coming through. I knew it was going to be bad, it was cool, too. Right in the middle of the lightning — did it hit where you were yesterday? You didn’t even notice it, huh? Well, it was stunning.

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