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RUSH: I think Mrs. Clinton is taking the memory pill. I think they’ve already given it to both Clintons, and they have forgotten that they were in the White House and they have forgotten the corruption that they sponsored and the perjury that Bill Clinton suborned. They have to have forgotten it in order to be saying the things that they are saying. For example, on June 28th, Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton said this. ‘Nonviolent offenders should not be serving hard time in our prisons. They need to be diverted from our prison system.’ Yet in a press release on July 2nd — what is that, four days later — Hillary Clinton said about the Scooter Libby commutation, ‘Today’s decision is yet another example that this administration simply considers itself above the law. This commutation sends the clear signal that in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice.’

Well, this is a nonviolent offender. Nobody can cite any previous record that Scooter Libby had. So on two occasions, separated by four days, Mrs. Clinton utterly contradicts herself. Look, we know who she is. But it’s not because she reveals it. It’s because she can’t hide it. Most people can’t hide who they really are. She can’t hide it. She doesn’t have to reveal it. She tries not to reveal it. This is the hobgoblin here of little minds. Now, Bill Clinton blasted the Libby clemency and said that his pardons were different. Yeah, he sold his! He sold a lot of his. He kept a lot of the money that was given to him. Million bucks, the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. Let’s go to the audiotape. This is on Tuesday, our affiliate in Des Moines, WHO, Mickelson in the mourning, guest host David Yepsen, he’s a columnist from the Des Moines Register. Presidential candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton, made a surprise phone call to the show, and Yepsen asks Hillary to respond to President Bush’s decision to commute Scooter Libby’s sentence.

HILLARY: Well, David, I think it’s disappointing, but unfortunately not unexpected from this administration. They think they’re above the law. They think that the rule of law is an inconvenience that they can skirt whenever they choose. This is just one of many examples, and it’s, you know, dispiriting, because the president and the vice president have really decided that they are above the law, and they don’t respond to legitimate congressional inquiries. They obviously don’t really value the identity of a covert CIA agent and decided to expose her for the purposes of their own political and partisan advantage. I think it speaks loudly about what their real priorities and values are.

RUSH: Surreal! Richard Armitage was the leaker. The White House didn’t leak her identity or her name! Richard Armitage is the guy that put it out there to Robert Novak. Everybody knew this. There was no underlying crime. That’s why I say, they have to have taken the memory pill. But this is an incoherent answer. The president and vice president have really decided they’re above the law? You know, anybody can say anything, but if you are a Clinton, you’ve gotta be very careful here because you’re going to cause people to start laughing themselves silly at you for the utter blatant hypocrisy. Here’s President Clinton now. David Yepsen said, ‘What’s your response to the president’s decision to commute Scooter Libby’s prison sentence? You have some controversial pardons during your presidency.’

CLINTON: Yes, but I think the facts were different. I think, you know, there are guidelines for what happens when, you know, somebody’s convicted, and I think that, you know, you gotta understand, I think that this is consistent with their philosophy. They believe that they should be able to do what they want to do and that the law is a minor obstacle. I think — that’s what I think. I think that, you know, it’s wrong to out that CIA agent and wrong to try to cover it up and wrong that no one was ever fired from the White House for doing it.

RUSH: The White House didn’t do it! Surreal, again! And again, (Clinton impression) ‘You gotta understand my circumstances are different. They were different when I was in there,’ and then he starts attacking the administration for things that didn’t happen. Now, I know it’s a Democrat primary state up there, the Hawkeye cauci and they’re out there trying to raise money, and Edwards, the Breck Girl — whew, speaking of the Breck girl, the Washington Post has one of the funniest stories about the Breck Girl today and his hair. His barber, his stylist has gone public because the Breck Girl didn’t even refer to him kindly when the story came out that he gave him his first $400 haircut, so Breck Girl acted like he didn’t even know the guy when the guy was solicited by the Breck Girl campaign to come cute the Breck Girl’s hair numerous times, outside the state of California. Some of these haircuts cost $1,250 bucks when you factor in the airfare for the stylist to get out to where the Breck Girl was.

Anyway, all of that’s coming up. They’re in there trying to shore up their support with the kook fringe base of the Democrat Party, but they’ve got to understand other people are going to be listening. Now, Ron Fournier, the Associated Press, he did a story on the effect of the Libby commutation. He ripped the Bush administration, but he also said this. ‘This commutation sends the clear signal that in this administration…’ he’s quoting Hillary saying this — and we just shared with you. What Fournier responds to that with was, ‘It was a brazen statement from a woman entangled in many Clinton White House scandals, including the final one: On his last day in office, President Clinton granted 140 pardons and 36 commutations, many of them controversial. One of those pardoned was Marc Rich, who had fled the country after being indicted for tax evasion and whose wife had donated more than $1 million to Democratic causes. Clinton’s half brother, Roger, who was convicted of distributing cocaine and lobbied the White House on behalf of others, also received a pardon.’ This is in the AP story, this is what I mean. A serious news agency cannot ignore this and not react to it.

The Clintons are used to getting a pass on this kind of stuff, say whatever they want to say, the press marvels at how well they lie, marvels at the guts they’ve got to lie. But on something like what they’re saying about Scooter Libby, when the king of pardons starts ripping George W. Bush, who has issued very few, and very few commutations, and then perpetuates lies and myths about what the case was about, they’re having a tough time ignoring this. Fournier said, ‘Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, was paid tens of thousands of dollars in his successful bid to win pardons for a businessman under investigation for money laundering and a commutation for a convicted drug trafficker. Her other brother, Tony, lobbied successfully for clemency on behalf of a couple convicted of bank fraud.’

Now, Fournier did not get into all the detail he could have in the Tony Rodham situation because not only did Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother, lobby on behalf of these people, named the Gregorys, he got over a hundred grand in loans, which the Gregorys never bothered to collect, and which Tony never paid a red cent on. They only came to light when the Gregorys, fresh from the presidential pardon for their fraudulent activities, declared bankruptcy and listed the Rodham loans as an asset. So this is the kind of stuff that’s on the record, big time. Here’s Hillary. Let’s go back. February 22nd, 2001. This is a press conference. Senator Hillary Clinton taking questions from the media. An unidentified reporter said, ‘Senator, did you ever have a discussion with your brother notwithstanding his professional involvement about pardons or commutations?’

HILLARY: No, I did not. You know, I don’t have any memory at all of ever talking to my brother about this, you know, that’s my best memory. But I have to say and I will repeat once again, information was coming to me, information was passed on. So if — you know, if I said information came, people wanted to look at, I might have said that. I just don’t remember anything further than that. I’m sorry?

REPORTER: So your brother may have spoken to someone who then spoke to you?

HILLARY: No, not about any involvement of my brother. No, I want to make that a hundred percent clear. I don’t want to you to try put words in my mouth. I knew nothing about my brother’s involvement in these pardons. I knew nothing about his taking money for his involvement. I had no knowledge of that whatsoever.

RUSH: Sorry, it just strains credulity here, strains credibility, she didn’t know anything about what her brothers were doing, trying to secure pardons? Just like she didn’t know about Monica Lewinsky, and she didn’t know about Gennifer Flowers, and she didn’t know about Kathleen Willey, and she didn’t know — she knew it all. She was running the bimbo eruptions unit. It’s in one of the books, Bernstein’s book or the Don Van Natta and the Jeff Gerth book. We all thought it was Betsy Wright that was running the bimbo eruptions unit. It was Hillary that was running the bimbo eruption units with illegal wiretaps. She knew what was going on. The idea she had no idea her brothers were involved. So they say these thing about Scooter Libby, it’s mind-boggling to me. These are supposedly the smartest people in the world, and it’s mind-boggling to me they can’t come up, speaking of communication, with a better way to respond to this. Still get your political digs in, if you want, but don’t open yourself up to all these unavoidable charges of hypocrisy. Same press conference, reporter said to Mrs. Clinton, ‘Is Marc Rich among the people that you passed information on?’

HILLARY: No. You know. I never knew about Marc Rich at all. In fact, I don’t even — frankly, I couldn’t — you know, people would hand me envelopes. I would just pass them. You know, I would not have any reason to look into them. I didn’t — I knew nothing about the Marc Rich pardon until after it happened.

RUSH: So she was accepting the envelopes people wanted her to pass on to her husband to try to influence the pardon decision and she had no clue what was in the envelopes. She didn’t look. You know darn well she looked. ‘I’m going to make sure this one doesn’t get us in trouble. I gotta make sure this one doesn’t get us in trouble. I gotta find out if it’s a secret love note from some intern,’ who knows. You have to think. This is a hands-on, control woman, folks, and she was hands-on co-president and living in fear that old Bubba was going to do something one day to blow them both up and their political futures. She wasn’t looking in the envelopes. Come on, all of you people are married, you know that that’s a crock.


RUSH: Now, listen to this. You probably haven’t heard or seen this because this story came out yesterday on the Fourth of July. It is an AP story, amazingly. Headline: ‘Clinton’s Chief Strategist Is Accused of Illegal Eavesdropping. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief strategist is being accused of illegal eavesdropping in a lawsuit that alleges he and his polling firm monitored the personal e-mails of a former associate who started a rival company. Mitchell E. Markel, a former vice president at Penn, Schoen & Berland, claims in the lawsuit that the firm began monitoring all messages sent from his personal BlackBerry device nearly a month after he had resigned and become president of his new business. The suit claims that Mark Penn, who is Clinton’s chief strategist and pollster, knew about and approved of the monitoring, which the suit says violates federal wiretapping laws.’ Well, this is the second such allegation. The first is in the book that I just told you about, that she was monitoring phone calls of the bimbos that they were afraid might erupt during the ’92 presidential campaign.

I got a note from a subscriber at RushLimbaugh.com, Sean Sands, who said hey, ‘Marc Rich did far more than you mentioned.’ And I’d forgotten this. He’s right. When Saddam Hussein issued vouchers for oil to pay off people under the oil-for-food program, the one with $40 billion in corruption at the UN, it wasn’t an easy thing to cash in these vouchers and get your money. Your oil had to be transferred. You never had possession of the oil. You had vouchers for Iraqi oil, and you had to find your oil a way to be transferred through a particular network of companies before the money ended up in your Cayman Islands trust, or your offshore account. Marc Rich was the person who navigated that network for clients. His name came up big time in the oil-for-food investigation, and a lot of politicians in the House of Commons in the UK. Strangely, we didn’t see Cheney or Bush’s names in any of these lists, even though they were being accused of going to Iraq for the oil. Let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s steadfast defense of Sandy Burglar. You want a real crime? We got a real crime here, not a process crime. Sandy Burglar caught taking documents in and out of the National Archives in his socks or pants or what have you. The justice department didn’t pursue it much. He got $10,000 fine, loses his law license and his security clearance, but he’s going to get his security clearance back in time for Mrs. Clinton’s inauguration.

Let’s not forget the pardons of the 16 FALN terrorists in New York. That was for the Puerto Rican vote for Hillary’s Senate race. But I mean you compare all this to Scooter Libby and the former president and his wife are running around talking about how this administration is above the law? I’ll never forget what he said about Sandy Burglar. (Clinton impression) ‘Sandy was a great servant of this country. He worked harder than even I did on some days. He got in his desk, it’s just a mess in there. He forgot what he did, where he put things. We all joked about Sandy. He’s just an unorganized, disorganized mess. He loved the country, he was a great guy.’ And that was the defense. You know, meanwhile, Scooter Libby here. Don’t forget, Mrs. Clinton four day separation, says that nonviolent criminals ought to not even be sent to prison, and four days later says he ought to go to prison, this is cronyism and it’s the worst example a president could set. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

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