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RUSH: This temperature business, 118 here and 116 there, yip yip! I remember when I lived in Sacramento in the eighties (I was there from 1984 to 1987), in July and August it wasn’t unusual for temperatures there to hit 115 with low humidity, sometimes as high as 120, you know, a day or two of it, but at night it got down to 55 or 60. It was incredible. It’s a valley out there, and while it was 115 in Sacramento, it would be 65, 56 in San Francisco, just 90 miles away. It’s normal. It’s summertime. But you knew this was going to happen. By the way, the local television news last night was explaining why there haven’t been any tropical storms yet. It’s that same old excuse they gave us last year: dust from the Sahara Desert is in the atmosphere up there and it’s confusing the systems that produce tropical storms. Now, if it was there last year, and they know now it’s there, why wasn’t this factored into the forecasts earlier this year of all these massive mega-storms? I don’t know. It almost could be like a dog-ate-my-homework kind of thing. Well, they gotta come up with some excuse to explain why the predictions so far haven’t materialized.


RUSH: Jason in Las Vegas, you’re next, sir, and welcome to the EIB Network on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush. Triple-digit dittos here from the desert. You mentioned about the temperatures here in the desert that you’ve experienced them in Las Vegas. You know, the week prior to this one, which this is a mini-heat wave that here having right here, we just reached the record yesterday of 116 degrees. They predicted 120 the whole week prior. They were showing temperatures in red, way above average, global warming! We didn’t even come close to 120, and there is a difference between 116 and 120 because I also have a residence down in Lake Havasu City where it regularly reaches 120 degrees.

RUSH: Yes, I know, that’s the whole point. But we predicted this. We predicted that this is exactly the way it would be covered. Isn’t it funny that there are probably places in this country where it’s below normal, but we’re not going to hear about that today because tomorrow is Live Earth! We’re only going to hear about where it’s hotter than normal.

CALLER: The entire month of May here in Las Vegas we were below normal. Not one single time did they mention it, not once did they bring it up, did they highlight it, did they put it in blue showing that we weren’t reaching the beating red temperatures or otherwise — and that’s why they call it an ‘average,’ anyway.

RUSH: Not only that, they don’t talk about temperatures at that time of year that are below normal as maybe being reason to question this ‘consensus’ on global warming. You know, you get 116 degrees, in a desert, in July!

CALLER: In the middle of the desert.

RUSH: Global warming!

CALLER: I know. It is an average because sometimes it’s lower and sometimes it’s warmer. I’ve been here off and on since 1968 when I was five years old, and I’ve seen it cool. I’ve sen 12 inches of snow in April, in the valley here in the seventies —

RUSH: Of course.

CALLER: — so it’s absolutely nuts, but I appreciate bringing that up, and, yes, we’re doing just fine here in Las Vegas.

RUSH: I appreciate it. I know you are. I’ve been there this time of year. I’ve been there in August, and it’s quite normal, and the air-conditioning works out there. They plan for it. (sigh) The ground doesn’t crack. Buildings don’t fall through the cracks. It works. People that live in the desert in the summertime know what they’re going to get and they prepare for it using manmade technology that allows us to do so comfortably. Speaking of all of this, story: ‘Greenland Ice Yields Hope on Climate.’ Of course the Algore acolytes are telling us that Greenland’s in danger of melting along with the polar ice caps. Well, get this. ‘An international team of scientists drilling deep into the ice layers of Greenland has found DNA from ancient spiders and trees, evidence that suggests the frozen shield covering the immense island survived the earth’s last period of global warming.’ What do you mean, ‘last period of global warming’? Why, when was that? ‘The findings…’ Well, I ask that because the Algore acolytes of the day want you to believe it’s hotter today than it’s ever been, and it’s our fault, and we gotta do something fast — like raise taxes; take away your freedom; take away the kind of car you want to drive; make you use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit. (You just go in and out of the bathroom how many times it takes would be the way to counter that.)

‘The findings published today in the journal Science…’ What else did I read that was published in the journal Science? That stupid survey on men and women talking I think was published today in the journal Science. I gotta subscribe to this magazine. I’ve been reading about this magazine but I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen it on a newsstand. I’ve never seen it in a doctor’s office. I’ve never seen it anywhere, and yet it gets quoted all the time. This magazine gets more free publicity than anything I’ve ever heard. (interruption) It doesn’t matter that I’m not a scientist. They publish it. It’s out there. (interruption) Well, yeah, what they need is ‘Science in a Hurry.’ They need a feature like we have at RushLimbaugh.com, ‘Science in a Hurry,’ because that’s what they’re doing anyway. All this purported gobbledygook is science. ‘The findings, published today in the journal Science indicate that Greenland’s ice may be less susceptible to the massive meltdown predicted by [Algore’s] computer models… the article’s main author said in an interview. ‘If our data is correct, and I believe it is, then this means the southern Greenland ice cap is more stable than previously thought,’ said Eske Willerslev, research leader and professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Copenhagen. ‘This may have implications for how the ice sheets respond to global warming. They may withstand rising temperatures.”

No! No kidding! Maybe if you would think of something practical like ‘Greenland is still there,’ it has to have survived a whole bunch of stuff. The vanity of these people, to think that what we’re doing destroys and shifts entire land masses. You know, we could try it, but we couldn’t do it. It’s going to happen whether we do anything or not. It’s continuing to happen. It’s constantly changing. ‘If our data is correct…the Greenland ice cap is more stable than previously thought.’ Temperatures, by the way… ‘The discovery of organic matter in ice, dating from half a million years ago offers evidence that the Greenland ice shield remain frozen even during the earth’s last interglacial period, some 120,000 years ago, when average temperatures were nine degrees Fahrenheit warmer than they are now.’ Well, I’ll tell you, our buddies in the global warming crowd are not even predicting that much of an increase. ‘That’s slightly higher than the average temperatures foreseen by most scientists for the end of this century, although some environmentalists warn it might get even…’ Oh, of course, ‘some environmentalists warn.’ Are you using the same environmental experts you are using to predict the economy every month? This is a Danish-led team. ‘Researchers said that the unanticipated findings appear to fly in the face of prevailing scientific views about the likely fate of Greenland’s thickly layered ice. Although Willerslev stressed that the findings do not contradict the basic premise that the earth’s temperature is rising to worrisome levels.’ What’s worrisome about it? Who says that this is ideal now anyway? Who says we couldn’t do better if it was a little warmer anywhere in the world. Anyway, the earth can withstand all this. The evidence is, it’s here, and it’s been around here for far longer than any of us have, and it survives. The vanity of these people. Tom in Toledo, Ohio, you’re up on Open Line Friday. It’s great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: You know, the Algore circus, I think, is just a diversion from what Washington is really up to. They’re in this global warming thing. They’re reaching ahead trying to pass a cap-in-trade program on energy use, which is really just an energy rationing bill, and it’s essentially going to raise prices so high, I would call it the alternative minimum-maximum tax that they’re going to impose on people. The McCain, Lieberman, Bingaman bill, all these people are talking about ratcheting down the amount of carbon we can use by as much as 80% by 2050 and they’re afraid to call it a carbon tax because then they would get blamed for it so they’re going to do it in terms of actually disallowing what people can produce and sell in fuels, and we have to buy permits to use the fuel.

RUSH: I have not heard about this piece of legislation, and I’ve heard about everything.

CALLER: Will it’s in the major bills. It’s even in the energy bills that the Senate has passed. They have kind of a carbon policy built into it that essentially is just going to raise the transportation fuel costs.

RUSH: Well, you know what else it’s going to do, if it’s not doing it already? It’s going to irreparably damage the US automobile industry, because they’re not going to be able to make cars that people want to buy.

CALLER: It’s going to damage all industry, Rush, because when you put a cap in trade bill on, the easiest way to avoid it is don’t produce something in this country. Just go to China and produce it.

RUSH: Well, something like that, if it were to happen, would be so destructive, it wouldn’t last long. I must confess that I’m hearing this for the first time. But I don’t think global warming is a diversion from it. I think it’s a lead liberal Democrat issue. You know, liberalism advances itself in stealth ways, and it has techniques of doing so, and they’re all shrouded in ‘good intentions,’ saving poor people, saving poor earth, saving the environment or what have you, and they play on people’s guilt because they also (at the same time they’re doing this) blame people for having caused the problem.

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