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RUSH: I have to say to anybody from the Fred Thompson campaign listening out there: I have to correct something that appeared yesterday in an article at the National Ledger: ‘Fred Thompson Slammed by AP: ‘Style over Substance’ — Fred Thompson must have someone very nervous. An Associated Press hit piece borrows a phrase from conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and claims that Fred Thompson is all style and no substance. The lede: ‘Fred Thompson’s easygoing, no-nonsense style is clearly his strength and undoubtedly has helped him soar in presidential polls. It may only get him so far.’ Now, the National Ledger is not the author of the story. The AP is. They’re just recounting it. But I have said ‘style over substance.’ What I have said is ‘symbolism over substance.’ That has been the phrase. I’m stunned that anybody at the Drive-By Media would remember that I ever used the phrase. I used it in conjunction with the creation of the phrase, ‘Words mean things.’ So the way this thing is written, it could make it sound like I’m the one saying he’s got no substance, and I haven’t said a thing about that! So I just wanted to correct the record.

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