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RUSH: It’s time to give away another iPhone. This is number four. We have, after today, six more to go. Today’s iPhone winner is Jeffrey S. We still haven’t picked a woman out there yet. This is all random. I certainly hope one shows up in the winners column before this is all over with. Jeffrey S. from Alamogordo, New Mexico, listening to us on KRSY, 1230 AM. Now, Holloman Air Force Base is in Alamogordo. It’s the home of the America’s F-117A stealth ground attack aircraft fleet in Alamogordo. So Jeffrey S., congratulations. You get the iPhone, and you get a little check here of almost $1500 to help you pay the two-year service that you’re required to get with AT&T when you use an iPhone. You also get a $100 gift card from BocaJava.com — spectacular coffee — a one year subscription to Rush 24/7 at RushLimbaugh.com, and, something else. We throw this in, too, and I’d forgotten to mention this all last week: a one-year subscription to The Limbaugh Letter, too. That’s included when you get your subscription to Rush 24/7. So it’s a huge package out there, and you can win, too. You could be registered to win simply by going to RushLimbaugh.com and signing up for our flash e-mail update called Rush in a Hurry.

It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything. Just enter your e-mail address and you’ll be on the receiving end of that every afternoon after the program. It’ll give you a little heads-up of what’s coming when the site is fully updated. So just head to RushLimbaugh.com, find the Rush in a Hurry banner (you can’t miss it), and sign up. If you’ve already done that you are eligible. If you haven’t done it and you want to become eligible, that is what you do. So we have six more iPhones to give away. We’ll do it again tomorrow. We’ll have another winner for you as this massive giveaway continues. Oh, and somebody sent me an e-mail. ‘Rush, you said you have an iPhone, and I’ve been reading reviews of the iPhone, and some people — Consumer Reports — don’t like it.’ By the way, this is not a commercial for Apple. I’m not doing it for that reason. I’m just telling you the truth about this. Apparently Consumer Reports said the phone’s no good, or it’s not that special. They said the volume on the phone when you’re listening to a caller is not good, and the ring volume’s not good. This is absolutely not the experience I have found. You know, I have a cochlear implant. It is tough for me to use the phone. I don’t like the phone anyway, as you know.

This is the best phone. It’s got more volume than any phone I’ve ever had! I don’t understand what people are saying? What about you? Is your phone low in volume? No. I don’t understand this. So this is basically an attack on the media. Consumer Reports, I don’t care who they are, they’re libs. It doesn’t matter where you find them, if they print what they write, nine times out of ten they’re are going to be a bunch of libs, which puzzles me, because so is Apple. Nevertheless, whatever criticism this phone is getting when it comes to the clarity and quality, I think I’m a pretty good judge on this, because everything sounds — it’s hard to describe how you hear when you have a cochlear implant — sort of like AM radio. It’s not hi-fi. It’s not high-fidelity. This phone is the clearest and loudest I’ve ever heard. Ring tones, I have to turn it down. I keep it on vibrate anyway because I hate the sound of a phone ringing. It can ruin the next 30 minutes of my life. (interruption) Well, they all sound the same to me, Snerdley. He’s telling me there’s some cool tones on the iPhone. I just have it set up on the old phone ring: ding-a-ling-ling-ling! All these weirdo Star Trek sounds sound like a UFO is hovering over my house. All those different tones sound the same note and it’s irritating as it can be, so I just do the ding-a-ling-a-ling, but I have it on vibrate.

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