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RUSH: Normally, ladies and gentlemen, the Drive-By Media doesn’t really have to coordinate its message with their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media. It just happens. But occasionally, occasionally there’s a breakdown. It’s rare. It doesn’t happen much. Normally when a lib goes out and does something that’s factually incorrect, a little bit off the beaten path, they either ignore it or try to circle the wagons, massage it, paper it over. This didn’t happen yesterday. The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Michael Moore was coming up to talk about his new propaganda piece called Sicko. Before they brought Michael Moore on, their senior medical correspondent did a report on the propaganda piece. His name is Sanjay Gupta, and it’s about a three-minute piece so we just culled it down here to half a minute to get to the essence of what made Moore mad.

GUPTA: Moore presents a lot of facts about the movie, but do they all check out? It’s true, that the United States is the only country in the western world without free universal access to health care. But, you won’t find medical utopia elsewhere. So, there’s no perfect system anywhere. But no matter how much Moore fudged the facts — and he did fudge some facts, there’s one everyone agrees on: The system here should be far better.

RUSH: Gupta was saying: Look, there’s some facts fudged in the Sicko propaganda piece. It’s not panacea in Canada and for the Brits, and there are people in waiting lines — things that we all know. He just said things we all know. Then they bring out Moore, and Wolf Blitzer was talking to him, and Moore is disgruntled by Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report, and he comes out and says he wants ten minutes to respond to it, and Wolf said, ‘Come on, Mike. Just give us a couple of headlines here what you’d like to say.’

MOORE: I don’t talk in sound bites, so that — that — that report was so biased, I can’t imagine, uh, what pharmaceutical company ads coming up right after our break here. But, ahhh, you know, why don’t you tell the truth to the American people. I mean, I wish that CNN and the other mainstream media (laughs) would just for once tell the truth about what’s going on in this country, whether it’s with health care, I don’t care what it is. I mean, you guys have a such a poor track record, and for me to come on here and have to listen to that kind of crap —

RUSH: (Laughing.) I just love it when the system breaks down. What normally should happen is that this thing should have gotten a glowing review. Moore should have come out wearing a halo, if for nothing else than doing such great propaganda in Fahrenheit 911. But the medical reporter said ah, there’s some facts here that have been fudged and so forth — and later on in the interview, Moore continued the rant.

MOORE: For me to have to sit here and listen again to more crap about socialized medicine or how the Canadians have it, you know, worse than us and all this, and you’re the ones who are fudging the facts. You fudged the facts to the American people now for I don’t know how long about this issue, about the war, and I’m just curious: when are you going to just stand there and apologize to the American people for not bringing the truth to them that isn’t sponsored by some major corporation?

RUSH: You notice the similarity here, between Michael Moore and what’s his name, Robert Kennedy, Jr.? These evil, evil corporations! Anyway, I think later in the interview, Moore denied them the permission to tape it and use it later. Get this, because he was afraid they might take it out of context. A propaganda moviemaker afraid that he’s going to be taken out of context on CNN! So, as I say, folks, this kind of breakdown in the message, the management of the news, doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s a delight.

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