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RUSH: Well, for the first time, ladies and gentlemen, ‘Leading Democratic presidential candidates will participate in an unprecedented televised debate focusing exclusively on ‘gay,’ bisexual and transgender issues…. [T]he one-hour Aug. 9 event in Los Angeles scheduled to be broadcast on the homosexual-oriented LOGO network and live streamed at LOGOonline.com.’ Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Breck Girl have confirmed that they will participate. ‘Several other Democratic candidates also might join the debate. The debate will be conducted with a live audience in Los Angeles. On the panel questioning the Democrats will be Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese and singer Melissa Etheridge…’ You gotta be kidding! (laughing) That’s the first time I’ve laughed all day. Melissa Etheridge? ‘The debate was put together by LOGO and HRC.’ What the hell is HRC? Is that Hillary Rodham Clinton? That can’t be. Oh, the Human Rights Campaign, that’s right. Okay. (interruption) What’s the question, Mr. Snerdley? We got audio to play here. (interruption) They can’t go on Fox. They can’t go on Fox because Fox is not fair. Fox doesn’t have a heart. Fox is just mean. Fox is biased and you cannot ‘manage the news’ on Fox. They’re going to do a debate on a gay network, LOGO. (interruption) It was the black caucus debate on Fox that they skipped, that’s right. (interruption) It was because it was on Fox! They didn’t tell black people to go screw themselves. They told Fox to go get screwed. They said we’re not appearing on Fox even if it is a black caucus sponsored debate. But they’re going to go to the gay debate on the LOGO network. I didn’t even know there was such a network. Is it on DirecTV? I’ll have to check the listings.

Anyway, there’s a YouTube video. A Hillary Clinton supporter has written a song dedicated to Hillary and put it together with a video. It’s by ‘Hott4Hill,’ and the woman that did this is Taryn Southern. She wrote and performed the song, and the note from her website, Hott4Hill.blogspot.com, she writes, ‘Let me preface my announcement by saying that I am no stranger to politics. I ran for student council president in seventh grade. I attended the 2004 presidential debates in Miami. I even met Bob Dole this year at a Las Vegas airport. Following the release of the Obama Girl video I felt it was like my vocational responsibility to provide America with a fair-and-balanced view of the ’08 Democrat campaign by showing my love and support for my own favorite candidate, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton. You’ve gotta see this, too. We have the audio, a portion of the song entitled Hott4Hill.

(Playing the Hott4Hill song.)

RUSH: There has been no response from the Clinton campaign office to numerous inquiries about the video. We presume this is a supporter. This woman claims to be a supporter. She’s gay, and happy that Hillary’s going to be on the gay network for the debate, and did this song to support her. We presume she’s a supporter. (interruption) See, I don’t want to be taken in by anything here. (sigh) It is a good question. How could you be a supporter and praise a pantsuit and the shape of the derriere and some of the other things in here? The derriere, that’s… ‘I know you’re not gay, but I’m hoping for bi’? (interruption) No, not bilingual. That’s not the implication there.

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