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RUSH: Now, to follow up, last November, a group of US Marines apparently went on, quote, ‘the worst rampage by US service members in the Iraq war, killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood.’ Remember what Jack Murtha, the architect of defeat in the House of Representatives, said after US officials learned of the alleged massacre a few days after it had happened? He said it was an organized a cover-up. Murtha said, ‘This is what the Marine Corps told me at the highest level. The commandant of Marine Corps was in my office just last week, so you know, I know there was a cover-up someplace. They knew about this a few days afterwards and there’s no question the Cheney command tried to stifle the story. I can understand why but that doesn’t excuse this, something like that has to be brought out to the public and the people have to be punished.’ He went on to call these Marines ‘murderers,’ and he ‘just knew it.’ He just knew it had to be the case because he knew there was a cover-up because the Bush administration lies. In fact, the Bush administration probably orders the murders! Jack Murtha is like so many damn Democrats today: so eager to immediately believe the worst about the people you are supposed to love and support: the United States military, which is trying to protect everybody against incredible odds here at home.

They’re fighting two wars: the enemy over there and the enemy here. For a member of the Congress to come out without any evidence and call them murderers, because he knows there’s a cover-up? Well, has he apologized for this to anybody yet? Has anybody heard Murtha’s apology? Because I’ll tell you what, an investigating officer has recommended dismissing murder charges against the Marine accused in the slayings of three Iraqi men in a squad action that killed 24 civilians in the town of Haditha. The government’s theory that Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt had executed the three men was incredible and relied on contradictory statements by Iraqis. This report was issued yesterday by Sharratt’s defense attorneys. ‘To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary. It sets a dangerous precedent that in my opinion may encourage others to bear false witness against Marines as a tactic to erode public support of the Marine Corps and the mission in Iraq.’ That’s Paul Ware, the Marine’s lawyer, and he’s exactly right. Had this gone down, had this man’s framing been confirmed with a conviction, it would have led to all other kinds of claims — and you would have Jack Murtha and all other Democrats standing up and suggesting, ‘This is absolutely outrageous! This is horrible.’

How about about this airman who got shot by a deranged anti-war lunatic who said he was fed up? This happened on the Fourth of July. This guy has been to Iraq. He got out of Iraq unscathed. He’s on leave. I forget exactly where this happened. He’s from Ohio, on leave in Ohio. This deranged anti-war lunatic just shows up and says, ‘Do you live in this house?’ and the airman said, ‘Yeah.’ Pshew! At point-blank range, the anti-war guy shoots him in the chest. He’s struggling, fighting for his life now. The gunman committed suicide and they found suicide notes. The guy was upset about Katrina. The guy was upset about Bush lied — and the guy wanted us out of Iraq, and he thought this would do it. Where’s he hearing this kind of stuff? Who in the world was polluting his mind with this kind of garbage? The Democrat Party is, the Drive-By Media, guys like Jack Murtha, who owe this Marine a public apology. The Marine investigator recommends dropping charges.

I suspect what’s going to happen is that Murtha, in order to cover his sizeable rear end is going to come out and say there’s another cover-up going on! ‘I demand a new investigation,’ or what have you. This kind of thing has been going on for the last four years. Efforts to undermine the people who wear the uniform — and we had the story about the guy wanted that blow up a fuel pipeline because he, too, was upset about the war in Iraq, and he had read some pro-Al-Qaeda postings on the Internet. The left is so filled with rage and hatred. I guarantee you, if a soldier had shot a peacenik like this soldier got shot by the anti-war nut, do you know what the press would say? You can’t believe what the news coverage that would be. ‘The military is being trained to kill! The military are a bunch of murderers going nuts. Maybe it’s posttraumatic stress disorder,’ whatever. You turn that around, and you can’t even find this story in the Drive-By Media about this lunatic fringe left-winger who shot a US soldier at point-blank range, you can’t find reference to it. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t raise an eyebrow, because it doesn’t move the story forward. It doesn’t move the action line. We’re waiting for your apology, Congressman Murtha.

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