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RUSH: We have an iPhone winner again. This is number six that we have awarded. Today’s iPhone winner: John S. of Arden, North Carolina. He listens to us at WWNC in Asheville, AM 570 — and get this! Our iPhone winner today only registered yesterday for Rush in a Hurry. He signed up yesterday; he wins an iPhone today. Those who have not registered may wish to take note and sign up right now. It’s not too late to win an iPhone.

Every Rush in a Hurry member is a winner, and membership is free. Just go to RushLimbaugh.com and sign up. You can’t miss it. Rush in a Hurry is all over the home page. Just click on it, give your e-mail address, and you are registered. That’s it. It’s nothing more complicated than that. It’s an e-mail flash that goes out after the program. It summarizes what happened on the program, and gives you a little idea what’s coming up when the full website updates later on, usually around 6 p.m. Eastern. In addition to the iPhone, John S. and every iPhone winner gets this: a check from us to cover two years of service required to use the iPhone with AT&T, a one year description to The Limbaugh Letter, a one year subscription to Rush 24/7, and a one-hundred-dollar gift card to BocaJava.com — which is some of the most unique and amazing coffee I think that you will ever taste. So, go to RushLimbaugh.com and sign up. We have four more iPhones to dispense: one a day for the next four days until we are finished.

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