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RUSH: I also have a question here for Dingy Harry. The statement he gave on the National Intelligence Estimate: boilerplate. Whatever the news regarding national security is, that’s the boilerplate: ‘Bush failed; Osama, Zawahiri are still alive. They failed. That’s like the number one concern, and it just goes to show that our Iraq strategy is ill-timed and ill-conceived,’ and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, Dingy Harry. According to the NIE that we just had released this morning, Osama (if he’s still breathing) and al-Zawahiri are in Pakistan. Shall we go there? Shall we go there? Come on, what’s your idea to get him yourself? Shall we send Special Ops in there? Should we go into Pakistan? Should we just bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age in order to get Zawahiri and bin Laden? What would you do, Dingy Harry?

They’re in Pakistan, and that place is an ally with us in the war on terror, as much as it can be. They may be going back and forth across the border, hiding out in Afghanistan now and then, but they’re in Pakistan. What should we do? (Gasp!) Wait. I can help. What is this Senate known for? Surrender, censorship, subpoenas. Subpoena them, Dingy Harry! Have Leahy subpoena Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and have them come in and testify what a rotten President Bush is for not being able to catch ’em.


RUSH: Dingy Harry and the Democrats are always measuring our success in the war on terror by one standard, and that is, have we captured bin Laden and Zawahiri yet? We haven’t captured bin Laden and Zawahiri, and by their standards, we have failed to capture the people responsible, so we’ve failed in the war on terror. There’s no success whatever to report if we haven’t captured the guys that did it. It got us wondering, did we capture the emperor of Japan during World War II? Did we capture Hitler? No. He committed suicide. We captured some of the ringleaders who hightailed it down to South America, after the war. How many leaders of countries with whom we’ve been at war have we ever captured in the middle of the war? We didn’t capture King George during the revolution, and we didn’t have to capture him because he went crazy on his own. We didn’t have to deal with him. Spanish-American War, did we capture the bad guy? Civil War? Yeah, we got Jefferson Davis, but that’s the lone exception here, different circumstances there. After the war. All of these things after the war.

Did we ever capture a Soviet leader during the Cold War? No. They kept dying on us. But when we won the Cold War, did we go capture Gorbachev? Hell no. We made him a world-renowned figure in the environmental movement. But the point is who do we capture? We captured Saddam. We captured Saddam after the invasion. Dan Rather had Saddam in his clutches and let him get away during that interview. That’s why you can’t trust the Drive-By Media when you’re fighting the war. Nobody knew where he was. Dan Rather found him, did this great interview. Did we capture the Ayatollah Khomeini? No Mike Wallace had him in his hands right over there in Qom where the interview was. It might have been Tehran, I’m not sure. Right there, got away. I mean, name it. In North Korea we captured Kim Jong ll. Had we captured the North Korean leader during the Korean War? No. It’s a standard that’s never, ever been met, ladies and gentlemen.

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