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RUSH: This is Nick, Daytona Beach. It’s nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you and, you know, the first thing I want to say is thanks for everything that you do to support the troops. I called you about ten months ago when my daughter, the love of my life, went to Iraq. The day that she landed in Iraq, I had called you, and I was very angry at the Congress and the way things were going — and I just want to let you know, I’m still angry, so thank you for keeping up the fight.

RUSH: You’re probably angrier.

CALLER: I am angrier, and for a lot of reasons. Not only do I have a daughter there, I also have a son there. I have a brother there. My daughter’s in the Army. My son is in the Air Force. My brother is in the Navy, and my son that’s about to graduate high school, wants to join the Air Force, and my eight-year-old daughter just told me she wants to join the Navy. So I’ve got a lot at stake in Iraq.

RUSH: You have an inspirational effect on these children of yours that’s profound.

CALLER: We love our country, and we love our God, and that’s all I can tell you is that we’ll pay the price when other people are afraid to. Unlike the folks who had their slumber party last night, I’ve stayed up many nights, not just last night. I mean to tell you, the thing that upsets me is, not only have they disappointed me and other people, they’re actually asking for a pay raise. Today, there is legislation in front of Nancy Pelosi for a pay raise for the slumber party Congress —

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: — that has passed nothing except a minimum wage increase. It’s a wage increase for the minimum wage earners who, by the way, after six months, a minimum wage earner does not even earn minimum wage. But let’s leave that aside. Plus a raise for themselves. That’s what they’ve accomplished, a pay raise for themselves. I’m disgusted — and let me tell you, this will hit the fan. I’m as angry as I was then, and I’m telling you, more people and the sentiment that’s growing out there is incredible, because we are sick and tired of this Congress not listening to us, and all Congress not listening to us. I want a damn fence run across Mexico. It can be done. It’s cheap. That will keep out the Iraqis who, by the way, are sneaking across our border now. I do not understand what is going on. I really need to deploy my kids. Let’s redeploy my kids to the South American border. You know, the border in Texas? Is that what we really need to do now? I really cannot understand what is going on.

RUSH: Well, what he’s referring to here is that Mexican smugglers have decided to start smuggling Iraqis in because the Iraqis will pay more want to go in here than Mexicans will. So it’s black market, under-the-table capitalism working here. We don’t have the ability to stop it. You’re right. It’s frustrating as hell. Not only that, you’ve got the Democrats in the Senate — the slumber party Senate, as you call ’em — trying to act like there’s no threat that we face and trying to act like the biggest threat is George W. Bush and trying to proclaim the mission lost, and trying to secure defeat for their personal political gains.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I’m surprised there aren’t more people in this country outraged and livid over what’s happening here.

CALLER: Believe me when I tell you this: this is going to change the way America thinks. I don’t know how many decades, but every so many decades, this country goes through a major change where they have gotta pay the price and they’ve gotta do important things, and the Democrats do not understand that. They won the legacy of Congress by fighting World War II, and they have destroyed their legacy. I’m telling you right now it’s really going to be ugly and it’s coming and we are going to take back that Congress and we’re going to keep that White House because we need to. We have to. Fighting over global warming is irrelevant when you have no freedom to fight for it or against it. It doesn’t make sense to me. I wish that people would wake up and start to fight the real enemy, which is Al-Qaeda. It’s not me. It’s not me and my kids. It’s not my president. It’s Al-Qaeda, and it’s a people who hate us and want to destroy our culture and our way of life, and I’m not stupid, and I’m going to tell you something. I’m about to pay off my house in six months. If I were younger, I’d be joining up right now, too, picking up my rifle.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. You’ve got people around this country standing up and cheering you on — and I think you’re probably right. The latest approval numbers of Congress are at 14%.

CALLER: (Clicks.)

RUSH: They better not ignore that on Capitol Hill, and they better not misinterpret it. (sigh) Do you feel better?

CALLER: (Silence.)

RUSH: We lost you? Lost the cell call? I know he feels better after venting like that, especially to the largest audience in broadcasting today. Thanks for the call out there, Nick, very much.

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