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RUSH: This is Raphael in Miami, Florida. Hi, Raphael. Thank you for waiting, sir.

CALLER: Hi, how are you doing, Mr. Rush? Good to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I called because I watched that like you told me yesterday, you know, it’s just amazing. It shouldn’t be called that, Rush. Just like you labeled it, the amnesty bill, it needs to be called the surrender bill. And Americans might get it then.

RUSH: Americans get it.

CALLER: No, because every time you see redeployment, you see this, you see that, you never see that — that we — if we do what they ask us to do —

RUSH: No, look, the American people are getting this. You might have a good idea out there to call it the surrender bill the next time it comes up, and it will. They’re going to keep bringing it up regardless because they’re harassing the president. They would love to have it stick and work, but the American people get this, and I say this because if the American people wanted what the Democrats want, it would have happened.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah, I find it amazing that now they trust the CIA so much, the CIA comes out with the report —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah, you know, the Schumer and Waxman, there was never an investigation good enough when Clinton was president, but now they want to investigate everything on this president —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — instead of doing the jobs of the people. But I think America is really — a word sticks, like ‘amnesty’ stuck. That’s what everybody would call it, amnesty, and it just stuck. And I believe it’s the same for surrender.

RUSH: Yeah, but, see, you know, this is another thing. You’re right, amnesty, which is what it was, it was not spin, it was a trick. But that immigration bill failed because the failures of this government to enforce existing law is having huge impact on the lives of people. They don’t need to be told that this is an amnesty bill or that was an amnesty bill, they know that the Congress, that the Senate was trying to bamboozle ’em and make it even worse, and it’s already having huge impacts on millions of people. And they weren’t going to put up with it. It could have been called the Civil Rights Act of 2007 and they would have opposed it because they know what’s in it. And the same thing with this. When you look at the last poll out today from Zogby, congressional approval, like Bush is at 34%. Congressional approval at 14%. There is a reason here. It’s not because they’re not passing big liberal bills. It’s because they’re nothing but negative doom-and-gloomers, whiners, investigators, subpoena, surrender. What’s the other one? Subpoena, surrender, and censor, a slogan I came up for them yesterday, and they’re that, and it’s obvious to everybody.


RUSH: It’s subpoena, surrender, and censor is the slogan for the Democrat-led Senate. Have a great night, folks. Twenty-one-hour break.

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