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RUSH: As you might remember, if you were here yesterday, great economic news out there. I reported this great economic news, the stock market crossing 14,000 for the first time, nearly doubling the Dow Jones Industrial Average in five or six years. And I said, ‘You won’t see this in the Drive-By Media.’ I was wrong. There was a report yesterday morning on the Today show from a CNBC reporter. Her name is the Street Sweetie, and her name is Erin Burnett, and she did a report with Meredith Vieira on the Today show that was excellent. So I played a montage of her report. At the end of it, I apologized for praising her because that could lead to her losing favor with her colleagues in the Drive-By Media. I’ve been known to destroy the careers of journalists, thinking of the William Raspberry effect, when I have praised their work. It upsets their colleagues, their editors and so forth. ‘What did you say that Limbaugh is praising?’ Well, Joe Scarborough had the Street Sweetie on his show this morning on MSNBC called Morning Joe, and we have three bites from the exchange that took place, and here is the first.

SCARBOROUGH: One of these two journalists was brought up by Rush Limbaugh yesterday.

RIDLEY: Interesting.

SCARBOROUGH: And I will tell you, I say Rush Limbaugh without a hint of sarcasm or irony. I think he is one of the great voices in modern conservative America. But one of these two people brought up by Rush Limbaugh, guess which one?

RIDLEY: Erin Burnett.

SCARBOROUGH: It was Erin Burnett because of Erin Burnett’s report.

RUSH: Here is bite number two.

SCARBOROUGH: And Rush Limbaugh’s favorite — and I’m a Rush fan. He’s an entertainer and he’s very smart, but he likes Erin Burnett. You’re big with Rush, did you see this?

BURNETT: I saw this. It was very funny. He said he might get me fired by the end of the week.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, exactly.

BURNETT: So I’m still here. I can’t guarantee that tomorrow, you know, I won’t have gotten the heave-ho, but I hope Rush will take pity on me if so.

RUSH: And later on this occurred.

BURNETT: You know, it’s sort of a half kicker. You know, I decided to go kind of down the Limbaugh line here. I want to talk a bit about China. You know, when you hear all this rhetoric on Capitol Hill, you’ve got Schumer and Graham, Democrat and Republican, you know, threatening these tariffs on Chinese imports, and people talking about the Chinese currency. You know, living without China would be a death threat for most Americans. You know, if China were to revalue its currency, you would see prices at Wal-Mart go up probably, according to currency experts, 15, 20%. So I think it’s just good to put it out there that people should be careful what they wish for on that front, that China really is fueling a lot of the consumption that happens here.

SCARBOROUGH: Say hi to your parents on the farm for us.

BURNETT: I certainly will, they love the Rush thing, let me tell you.

SCARBOROUGH: I bet they do.

RUSH: She did it again! She did it again! She deserves praise again! She told the truth about China and our relationship with China and why it matters, and she took to task some of the politicians that are trying to gin up a bunch of fear about it. That’s Erin Burnett and Joe Scarborough, and it happened this morning on Scarborough’s show.

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