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RUSH: You gotta listen to this. This was on the Today show today during the ‘women segment.’ Of course, the whole show is a women segment now. The whole show has been chickified: producers, editors, directors, camera people, hosts, hostettes, all chicks. So the correspondent, Peter Alexander on The Today’s Woman segment, spoke with David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine and Pepper Schwartz, author and relationship expert, about type A and type B personalities in relationships. The host here, Peter Alexander, says, ‘How about two type A’s? When you have two type A’s, how do you make that work in a relationship? A true powerful couple, like the Clintons.’

ZINCZENKO: Yeah, I think Bill and Hillary Clinton, and I’m a big fan of somebody like that. Look, it’s exciting; there’s conflict; they get a lot done; they admire each other. Okay, there are fights. They break a few lamps in the White House. But, there’s probably a budget for that. And I think it’s healthy to have a fight to clear the air and to kind of take the long view. And I think that kind of relationship can definitely work. And the best type A couples are really good at storming and clearing.

RUSH: Okay, so now we’ve got two experts from journalism who are proclaiming the Clinton marriage as an ideal, it’s the model. Oh, yeah, two type A’s, like, why, break a few lamps, make up, look at the long view. The long view in the Clintons’ case is, taking out the country. But then the next question was, ‘Well, what about type A and type B relationships? Pepper, let’s flip it. When we have a B man, a type B man…’ by the way, does everybody know what type A and type B are? You know what type A is, Brian? No, I’m not a type A. I am not a type A. A lot of people would think I’m a type A, but I’m not. Well, in certain ways I’m a type A. But a type A never sits still, domineering, has to be in control, has to be in charge. Alpha male. Think that. Type B is a wuss. So the question here is, ‘Well, what about a type B, a wuss guy, and a type A woman, how does that work, Pepper?’

SCHWARTZ: Well, that’s pretty new because it used to be, you know, a man would rather die than be a B to an A, but a lot of men really want the domestic life; they do want it slower; they’re happy to be the one who supports the woman who makes it big. So it’s a question of what you want. It can work great.

ALEXANDER: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.



ALEXANDER: It’s something that can work well and a lot of men these days are happy to take the back seat and let the woman power the relationship, but what they have to make sure is that they have a career, they have hobbies, they have their own interests, because if A starts dominating B too much, resentments can build.

RUSH: Really? So we’ve got these journalism experts here telling us — journalist relationship experts. All I know is, human nature is human nature, and if some wuss marries some powerful woman, she’s going to get tired of him inside of, what would you say, Dawn? Six months? Some of these things do not change. They just don’t change. Now, we’re not going to sit here, Mr. Snerdley, and start determining someone’s credibility by virtue of their name. Snerdley says, ‘Why we going to take some women named Pepper seriously?’ That’s not the point. It’s what Pepper is saying. Her name could be Salt, her name could be Garlic, and she would still say the same thing.

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