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RUSH: Look at this headline. ‘The epic narcissism of Cindy Sheehan.’ This is from the Guardian, The UK Guardian. The pull quote’s the opening line. ‘Even the American left’s netroots are getting tired of Cindy Sheehan.’ This is all about the fact that she’s out there saying that the people at a couple of these websites will not let her post anymore because she’s apparently being traitorous, running against Nancy Pelosi. You know, the people on the left who are getting tired of Cindy Sheehan, the epic narcissism, they created her. I think this is an example, folks, I’m being dead serious here, of the cruelty these people can exude. Here you have this woman who lost her son. Something’s not right here. The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. You combine that with she’s got some emotional problems, obviously. A PR firm in San Francisco pretty much set her up as this big critic and they used her. They used her as a tool. They put their words in her mouth. They may have been in her mouth anyway, she may have felt that, but they’re the ones that built her up. The media goes wherever she went, and the cameras were there, and they made her a star in her own mind. Of course, in our culture today, everybody is seeking attention; everybody wants 15 minutes of fame; everybody wants a YouTube video; and everybody wants to get in the act.

She got in the act, and they built her up and they made her the ostensible leader for a few months of the anti-war movement in the effort to embarrass President Bush and so forth and to carry on this notion that he didn’t care who was dying in Iraq in terms of the soldiers. Now here usefulness to them has expired. They have chewed her up. Now they’re spitting her out, and she doesn’t like it. She liked fame. She liked all the cameras. She liked all the attention. She liked the fact that all the attention gave her an opportunity to spread the word in her cause and so forth, and she loved the fact that she was idolized. She loved the fact that she was made into a heroine. Now they discard her. And when she wants to go further and when she wants to take her cause to Congress, ‘Ah, wait a minute now, Cindy. This was never in the game plan.’ So now they’re turning on her. We always hear about the love and compassion and the respect for humanity that people on the left have.

Cindy Sheehan, when all is said and done, is a sympathetic and pathetic figure. They took a woman who’s emotionally out of kilter and out of balance, and they used that very aspect of her personality and made her, in her own mind, a national figure and star. She goes down to meet Hugo Chavez, she can meet any anti-war dictator in the world, the American left cheered, ‘You go, Cindy, you tell ’em!’ Comes back and wants to run for Congress. ‘Ah, ah, ah, ah, Cindy, show’s over.’ They’re trying to grab the hook and get her offstage, and she doesn’t want to go.

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