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RUSH: Yesterday I asked — when the minimum wage went up 70 cents, first time in ten years, hubba hubba — ‘Where are the parties out there?’ IOt turns out there was a party. There was a minimum wage increase celebration at Upper Senate Park. Here is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

PELOSI: This is a day that signals chang, because people who went to work this morning, who went to work every day to provide for their families, today will have their work rewarded more fully.

RUSH: Really? Okay, and Dingy Harry then got in on the act.

REID: We have had a hundred hearings on Iraq, and we’re going to have a hundred more and we’re proud of it! (Cheers and applause.) That’s in preparation for us to get our valiant troops to come home!

RUSH: Valiant troops to come home, in defeat! Our valiant troops to come home waving the white flag! That was at the minimum wage rally at Upper Senate Park yesterday. Now, there’s a piece by Amanda Carpenter today at TownHall.com: ‘On Tuesday, a 70 cent increase to the federal minimum wage went into effect,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. ‘To celebrate, labor activists held a rally on Capitol Hill to thank congressional Democrats for delivering the pay raise — and demanded more. ‘Even when we get to $7.25, it’s not enough. We have to work hard for more!’ labor leader Anna Burger of the Service Employees International Union yelled.’ She was shouting this. ‘Burger’s calls were echoed by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) Monday evening at the Democrats third televised presidential debate. … After Burger’s [shout match], speakers played U2’s’ ‘Beautiful Day’ as congressional Democrats walked onstage. There, Democratic and labor leaders exchanged many hugs. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.) said he was willing to raise the minimum wage much higher. He, along with Rep. George Miller (D.-Calif.), said, ‘We’re going to introduce a bill to raise it to $9.70 an hour.” Charlie Rangel said, ”This will protect national security because a nation can’t survive without its dignity.” Now, what’s the lesson here, aside from the fact that I have a melodious voice? The difference here, the lesson to learn here is that you can’t compromise with these people. No matter what you give them, it isn’t enough! Republicans, conservatives seem to never, ever get this. Democrats are clamoring for the minimum wage increase, so, fine. Go along with them. But they never stop! They never stop. No matter what you give them, it’s not enough. Liberalism is just a path, ladies and gentlemen, to the dark side.

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