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RUSH: Deuce, Jefferson City, Missouri, the state capital, welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m calling in about an article in the paper that said that Senator Clinton, if elected, would appoint Bill Clinton the ambassador of goodwill.

RUSH: That would be a roving ambassador of goodwill.

CALLER: Yeah, roving ambassador.

RUSH: I’m sorry: roaming ambassador of goodwill, right.

CALLER: Yeah, and he would be going around the world to all these women’s auxiliaries. The only thing they could say about that scandal was that that is his one flaw, is that he likes the women, that people would hope that they would look at the good things he’s done. Well, why in the name of God would you put him in such a position to be going around to women’s auxiliaries as an ambassador of goodwill? Wouldn’t that kind of be like, I don’t know, Betty Ford making Betty Ford an ambassador of goodwill to cocktail parties in New York?

RUSH: (Laughing.) Where did you hear that the assignment, Deuce, was specifically to the women’s auxiliaries?

CALLER: Well, isn’t that what the first lady does, you know, she visits with the wife of the president or king or whatever?

RUSH: (Laughing.) I hadn’t thought of that! That’s right! Hillary’s gotta take care of the visiting head of state, so Clinton gets his wife. (Laughing.)

CALLER: I don’t know what first lady would do at some of the meetings is you tell you all the women to make sure their daughters and their granddaughters start coming to the meetings.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s (Laughing.)

CALLER: That would be his first agenda. But on the serious side, God forbid if she starts appointing positions. Doesn’t the word ‘suited for’ or ‘qualify for’ even come into play?

RUSH: Deuce, I wish you’d have called sooner, because I’m outta time. I can’t stop laughing.

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