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RUSH: Long Meadow, Massachusetts, this is Bernice. Bernice, it’s nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’ve been listening to you for many, many, many years, and I’ve heard a lot of sound bites on your show today and was wondering why you don’t play any sound bites of Bruce Fein, who’s been on — on the talk shows lately. And he was the assistant attorney general for, uh, Ronald Reagan when he was president, as you — as you know. As I’m sure you know, you —

RUSH: Wait. Wait just a second here, Bernice. Ruth is a he?

CALLER: No, Bruce. Bruce!

RUSH: Bruce Fein.

CALLER: Fein, yes.

RUSH: Bruce Fein. I haven’t heard what he has said about this.

CALLER: He’s said the impeachment —

RUSH: I know what he’s saying. I just haven’t heard any of it.

CALLER: Well, I thought you said you haven’t heard what he said?

RUSH: Because it isn’t going to happen!

CALLER: Well, whether it’s not going to happen or not, he makes a lot of sense for the reason why he’s calling for it.

RUSH: All right, Bernice. Joe, get me some Bruce Fein comments. Get me some Bruce Fein audio and get Bruce something to eat. He’s too thin.

CALLER: Oh, that’s ridiculous! You’re still carrying the water for George Bush, aren’t you?

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing) I’m sure they think —

CALLER: You should be exhausted by now.

RUSH: Did you happen to know a woman named Carolyn who lived off the Mass Turnpike?


RUSH: She used to call here. She sadly passed away.

CALLER: Well, I know Carolyn, but she’s very much alive.

RUSH: Well, this is not the same Carolyn, then.

CALLER: No, I guess not. (chuckles)

RUSH: Okay, so you want to hear some Bruce Fine audio on why the president should be impeached.

CALLER: Oh, yes. I would love to. I’m legally blind so I can’t read and —

RUSH: Well, wait. But you’ve already heard them. Why do you want to hear them on this program?

CALLER: Oh, I think — I think your audience should hear a different point of view.

RUSH: Oh. (laughing)

CALLER: Because I don’t — the stuff you’re — you’re telling to them is — is — is garbage; it’s trash.

RUSH: The truth comes out. You sit here long enough with a liberal, regardless where they’re from.

CALLER: Oh, I’m not denying I’m a liberal, but I like to listen to both — both sides of the story, in case somebody has a point of view.

RUSH: Let me tell you something, Bernice. You get both sides on this program.

CALLER: (Cackling.)

RUSH: I am more honest.

CALLER: This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!

RUSH: Yeah, I bet it is. Bernie, I am more honest about what liberals think and say than they are. I present their side on this program in order to present my side so I can nuke theirs.

CALLER: No, you — you —

RUSH: I just played liberals. Most of the sound bites are liberals.

CALLER: — present the part of sound bites — you get some people —

RUSH: Bernice?

CALLER: — from other progressive talk shows people —

RUSH: Bernice?

CALLER: — who make more — a lot of sense and have a lot people —

RUSH: Bernice?

CALLER: — a lot of —

RUSH: Bernice? You are talking the most listened to radio talk show host in America and you are trying to get me to do things that would literally destroy my program. Nobody listens to these progressive talk show people because they sound like you, all mad and upset and angry and doom and gloom and fed up, and you don’t want to hear the truth about them. You only want to hear your side.

CALLER: I’m not mad and upset. I have a wonderful life. I am past 80 years old, and I still care what’s going on in this world, so my children, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren.

RUSH: Well, I’m happy about that. (applauding) Most senior citizens are concerned about themselves. That’s a great thing that you’ve done there.

CALLER: Well, and that’s — and that’s why when I listen to people like you who — who only trash liberals —

RUSH: Well, why do you listen? If you get so exasperated, why do you listen?

CALLER: I’ve been listening forever. I listen to all talk shows. I like to get all different points of view. You know why I listen? I’ll tell you the truth.

RUSH: This is the one that upsets you. Why do you listen?

CALLER: No, I have low blood pressure, and I listen to you to raise it so it gets to be normal. Is that okay? (Cackling.)

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: (Laughing.) Rush, I want to tell you one thing. I am the age that your mother would have been if she was alive, and if you were my son, and if George Bush was my son, I’d be ashamed of both of you.

RUSH: Oh, now, Bernice.

CALLER: Yes. I have a son exactly your age.

RUSH: If I were your son, you would be so proud of me. I’ve accomplished things that nobody in this business ever has. You would be so proud, if I were really your son.


RUSH: I don’t believe you mean that. You’re too nice.

CALLER: I have a son 56 years old.

RUSH: You’re too nice a lady to actually mean it. You’re trying, but you’re not pulling this off well. You’re really nice and you’re trying to make yourself sound other than that, and you’re not.

CALLER: No. I’m probably the nicest person you ever met in your life, the kindest, the most generous, and — and I am willing to — to do anything within reason for anybody for any good reason.

RUSH: Your son notwithstanding, Bernice, you haven’t met me, but you will never meet a kinder and more generous human being than I. I don’t know that you will ever have that honor and experience, but I’d like to meet you someday. You never know. Next time I’m up there playing golf, I’ll let you know that I’m coming, and if you want to come to the golf course or happen to be planning to track me down, you’ve gotta come unarmed, but feel free to show up. (interruption) I know she’s mean-spirited, but she’s a seasoned citizen, and look at how closely she follows this show. She knows the age my mother would be. She knows that I’m 56. This is a closet fan. She has a closet adoration for me. She’s got a mother-son complex, and she’s taking it out on me. In fact, Bernice, I know you’re still out there, and I gotta tell you one thing. My mother was not above criticizing me. I remember one time I made a comment about Amy Carter, and her appearance, and my mother called after that and said, ‘You can’t talk about people that way. You can’t. You’re not going to go anywhere if you make fun of the way people look. Besides,’ she said, ‘you forgot Margaret Truman.’

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