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RUSH: Senator Clinton in Miami ?aligned herself directly with President Bush on the issue of immigration, using a campaign stop in South Florida to highlight a rare point of agreement with an administration that she criticizes at every turn. Speaking to about 300 community leaders in an area with a large immigrant population, Mrs. Clinton staked out a centrist position on the hot-button topic, saying she supported a ?pathway to legalization? for the nation’s 11 million to 12 million estimated undocumented immigrants, but only if they waited in line and paid fines. She described her stance as ?basically? what the president has proposed.?
Now, I wonder what the left is going to have to say about that. They hate anybody in the Democrat Party agreeing with George Bush on anything. And the San Francisco Chronicle has a story, ?Immigrant advocates blast raids, crackdown — City officials stand by pledge to give sanctuary to illegals. Bay Area immigrant-rights groups denounced the arrests of illegal immigrants in the region and called for immigration reforms Wednesday, while San Francisco officials reiterated the city’s long-standing pledge to give sanctuary to immigrants. Leaders of the groups, assembled at a news conference at 16th and Mission streets in San Francisco, called for an end to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s crackdown, which has resulted in the arrests of 13,000 people nationwide,? blah, blah, blah.

So San Francisco is going to offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Now, if Hillary is all for enforcing existing immigration law, she should be for this crackdown, should she not? But she’s not. She?s just all over the place. By the way, something else about this. Folks, there’s a group of kids out there, a group of students I should say, I mentioned them yesterday, NYU students have this game. These NYU students are out there having this game, “Find the Illegal Immigrant,” and all kinds of garbage is being said about them — that they’re racists; they’re sexists; this is dangerous; we shouldn’t be doing any of this. This is horrible. Bottom line is these people need support. These students at NYU need our support on this. They need your support because this is exactly what should be going on at college campi, precisely what ought to be going on. They?re facing all kinds of pressure and crackdowns, a lot of national media attention. But this is gutsy. This is a Republican student club at NYU, and they say, ?All we’re trying to do is create debate about the issue,? because apparently debate doesn’t exist in the classrooms at this university, and they want debate on the issue on campus, which is what I thought universities were for, the open and free exchange of ideas. Of course it’s not. It’s about indoctrination more than anything else.

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