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RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. We go back to the archives, ladies and gentlemen, to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites. We have a Gorbasm.

(Playing of Gorbasm update theme.)

All right, for those of you who are new to the program, and there are many of you who are, we are getting as an aside here the spring 2007 rating book results. They’re pouring in this week. This program has long been the most listened to radio program in the country, but it went through the roof this spring. There are all kinds of new people out there. Okay, here’s what a Gorbasm is. A Gorbasm basically is that feeling of uncontrolled joy and excitement that explodes, or I should say exploded, when Mikhail Gorbachev landed in Washington in 1987 to save the world from Ronald Reagan’s finger on the nuclear button. You had all these people, the Drive-Bys and the state department people gathered there on the tarmac, and here came the Aleutian 62, bringing Mikhail Gorbachev to visit with Ronald Reagan. They were panting out there on the tarmac, and they were excited, they could barely contain themselves, and the door to the plane had opened and Gorbachev appeared with that birthmark, and, ‘Ah, ah, ah, he has come. He’s here,’ and they went nuts. Thus the term Gorbasm was born, created by me on air in Sacramento about the same time we came up with the word feminazi, by the way. Okay, Ed, you can fade that down.

Here is the news. Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the complicated situation in the world is largely due to the position of the United States, which suffers from ‘winner complex.’ (Laughing.) This guy has not gotten over the fact that he lost one of the great empires or near great empires of the world. ‘The US is always anxious to win. The fact that they suffer from this disorder, the winner complex, is the main reason why things are so complicated in the world,’ Gorbachev said in a press conference at the Interfax News Agency earlier today. ‘With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US felt like it had its hands untied,’ he said. ‘They forced the war in Europe. They thought that now they have a chance and must create a new empire,’ talking about us. ‘All intellectual and political forces were involved. Now, everything is calmed down. It was wishful thinking.’ What is he talking about? What war in Europe? World War II? Is he talking about the Bosnia war? What war is he talking about? They forced the war in Europe? What war? ‘The end of the Cold War is both sides’ achievement.’ This is what really grates on him. He can’t get it through his head that the fact that the Cold War — now the Drive-Bys give him credit for ending the Cold War and the American left does, but of course it would never have happened were it not for Ronaldus Magnus.

‘We all lost in the Cold War,’ said Gorbachev, ‘and all benefited from its end. We lost, and the US did, as each spent $10 trillion on the arms race. Without our proposal, there would be nothing, no end of the Cold War, no decision to reduce nuclear weapons.’ So he’s trying to jump in here again and claim credit for ending the Cold War. Margaret Thatcher has said to me personally, she has said publicly that the straw that broke the camel’s back in the Soviet Union was our decision, the decision of Ronaldus Magnus to move forward on Star Wars, the Strategic Defense Initiative. The Soviets knew that we could do it, we are Americans. We can do what we set out to do, we have the will to do it, and we have the economy to pay for what we want to do in our national defense. The Soviets didn’t. They were a Third World country at best with a first-rate military. We didn’t lose. Gorbachev is lumping us all in with him as losers, and there’s no way. The guy pops up every now and then. In fact, you know, I met Gorbachev at George H. W. Bush’s 80th birthday party, ladies and gentlemen. We were amazingly wearing suits that in the picture that was taken, look identical. It was down in Houston at Reliant Park, the place that the Astros play baseball. And actually two pictures were taken. We put one of those pictures on the website back when this happened a couple summers ago, and the birthmark ended up on my forehead. It was one of the big, big mysteries. We’ll post that picture at RushLimbaugh.com in honor of today’s Gorbasm.

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