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RUSH: The Drive-By Media last night was desperate, sniffing for a scandal in the seizure experienced yesterday by the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts. We have a montage of the Drive-By sniffs. David Shuster of PMSNBC, Pete Williams of NBC, Lou Dobbs, Wolf Blitzer, Jeanne Meserve of CNN, Jack Cafferty, and Jeffrey Toobin all discussing Roberts’ health.

SHUSTER: Did this come up with his confirmation hearings?

WILLIAMS: No! It did not. He was asked on the questionnaire that he had to submit what his health was, and he described had as ‘excellent.’

BASH: They actually had that information during his hearing. No one on the judiciary committee hearing brought it up.

DOBBS: Has anyone let the media know what the details were of the seizure that the Supreme Court Justice suffered some 14 years ago?

BLITZER: We don’t get the kind of health reports from a chief justice —

MESERVE: It was never brought up in his confirmation hearings.

CAFFERTY: We don’t know how healthy these people are, whether they are concealing something —

TOOBIN: Chief Justice Rehnquist in his last fatal illness put out some overly optimistic statements.

RUSH: Now up next from the legal analyst at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, gives his esteemed medical opinion that it’s way too early for doctors to say that Roberts is fine. Anderson Cooper said to the legal (and medical?) expert at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, ‘You follow the court closely. What was your reaction when you heard what had happened to Chief Justice Roberts?’

TOOBIN: For the Supreme Court to come out with a statement within hours that he is fully recovered — that was the term they used, ‘fully recovered’ — that seems at least in my layman’s knowledge to be a little premature. It seems like they should probably do a little more investigation before they make that sort of categorically statement.

RUSH: Yes, of course! ‘Everybody lies. The Supreme Court lies. The government lies. Bush lies.’ This is one of the templates of journalism that you’re taught in journalism school. ‘Everybody in power lies. You can count on it. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they do is a cover-up.’ So Roberts walked out, waved, got in his red SUV and headed back to his Maine vacation home. It was in his report to the committee, the Judiciary Committee. They just never brought it up. They just never asked about it.

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