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RUSH: Freda in Los Angeles. I’m glad you waited, Freda, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: Hi, Freda. How are you?

CALLER: Fine. How are you?

RUSH: Never better.

CALLER: Listen, I’m a Middle Eastern, and American by choice, and an ex-feminist and a liberal. Anyway, I just want to second the caller that you had before regarding the American forces making a difference in the Middle East. It is true. The Middle East is not going to be the same again because of the American forces. We should not — what Middle Easterns actually hate, they hate the Hollywood culture but not the American values, and this is what our media does not show that. An average… I lived in Kuwait, I lived in Iran, and I know how people think there. Our media wants to treat us as a Hollywood movie. They think the war has to be ended in couple years with happy ending. It’s not going to be like that. We are making a big difference, and I just wanted your callers to hear from Middle Eastern background what an average person there thinks. I think if you talk to a Kurdish person, if you talk to any average Afghani people, they’re very grateful for American help.

RUSH: I know. I ran into some. I didn’t talk to a lot of Afghanis, not nearly enough to form a scientific analysis of it, but we’d drive by in these convoys, and they’d wave. Some of them had American flags. It was obvious they want our presence there. They were scared to death we were going to leave.

CALLER: Exactly. If you go to a Kurdish area, which is one-third of whole Iraq, if you go to any Kurdish home, you will see the flag. At one time there were some babies that were born, they were calling them George, but the media does not want you to hear that. That’s all. That’s all I had, and I just want to thank you because you have changed me. I used to hate you, actually, when I started listening to you. I thought when I was a liberal. So you did make a big difference in my thoughts and how I developed to become a conservative and a pro capitalist. I was in Iran during the revolution, and I was a little socialist or ex-feminazi, as you would say it.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: But you turned me around, so I want to credit you and people like Dr. Laura and I love this country. I love the chances this country has given me.

RUSH: Well, Dr. Laura’s not doing that much.

CALLER: (Chuckles.)

RUSH: Just kidding!

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: I’m just in a playful mood today.

CALLER: I know. Again, people say that there is an anti-American sentiment in the world, but every embassy, any embassy that you go to in Middle East, you will see the lines for American embassy is the longest.

RUSH: I know. That’s an excellent point. This myth that we’ve lost our reputation in the world, that’s just more propaganda from the leftists in this country and the Democrats as they continue to try to destroy the American people’s own opinion of their own country.


RUSH: Well, this is great. You’re great. I am so happy that you called.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Thank you very much for what you say. You know, she said something that many people think, and it may be a partial factor, that the Islamofascists, the Al-Qaedas and so forth despise the decadence of America. These are devout holy rollers in their religion, and it is said that they get their view of American decadence from our media, from Hollywood, MTV, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, this sort of thing. I think there’s a little bit of that. But I wouldn’t rely totally on that as the reason why these people despise us. This is really religion based, and it is simply the fact that this militant sect of Islam really believes that anybody doesn’t believe the way they do is ordered to be killed by their god. It doesn’t matter whether they make dirty movies or not. If their infidels in any way. You could be the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and you have not done one publicly immoral thing in your life, and they’re still going to kill you because you’re not one of them. That’s the primary reason that they are motivated, and that’s the hate that they are raised from young ages that sends ’em out on these suicide missions and so forth and so on, because one thing that we know is not going to change: if getting rid of decadence in Hollywood is necessary to win the war on terror, we’re cooked! Cooked, folks. It ain’t going to happen.


RUSH: RUSH: Bill is in Fort Mill, South Carolina. You wanted to talk about the woman Freda from Los Angeles.

CALLER: Yes, yes.

RUSH: The former feminazi.

CALLER: Yes, I do want to talk about Freda, just a little briefly. I believe that the hearts-and-minds battle going forward after the military operation, I wish we’d get rid of the madrasahs. I wish people would spend more time talking about that. But specifically her point, she said that what is fed to the general people in the Middle East — not the fanatics because there are going to be fanatics no matter what — was that we are Hollywood. We are like Hollywood. Her point was that the people over there that know our values, like us as a people; they don’t like Hollywood. I wish we could do more with that and get people that know that we aren’t Hollywood, that the main people out there in flyover country such as myself, are not Hollywood people, we have much better values than that, and then we could probably come to some sort of consensus with the gentlepeople on the street in the Middle East.

RUSH: Well, you know, you have a good point there, but they don’t make TV shows about boring people like you and me.

CALLER: I know., I know.

RUSH: In fact, one of the things that led to the eventual downfall of the Soviet Union — and I kid you not. It was a very, very closed society. The Soviet Union allowed their people to know nothing of the outside world. They filled them with propaganda about what a bunch of decadence and destruction and poverty and unhappiness and misery was in the United States. What they would do in their equivalent of grade school, in order to teach kids that there was no God, they would plant two flowers in a flower pot, and they would water one of them every day and ignore the other one, and say, ‘See? We human beings are making this flower grow. God doesn’t exist. The flower that we’re not watering is dead. That flower is dying.’ They filled their minds with this. Well, what happened was, eventually when the communication explosion happened, one of the first things that began to really present them problems — I’m not kidding about this — was when bootlegged copies of the TV series Dallas found their way into the Soviet Union. The people said, ‘Whoa! This is not at all what we’ve been told this country is like.’ They wanted to be J.R. They wanted ten-gallon hats. Then they discovered blue jeans and they said, ‘What the hell is this? We go to the gum department store, and they don’t even have day-old bread.’ So that was the beginning of the end. So in some cases, the influence of Hollywood to the extent that it represents a rich, affluent society can dispel all kinds of myths out there, but Hollywood is what it is, and it’s got an agenda. It’s liberal.

CALLER: I know that. I just hope we’re fighting back and getting all the word out that we’re not all like Hollywood.

RUSH: Well, I know. I know most of us aren’t like Hollywood. That’s why Hollywood is what it is. But, don’t forget this. The Hamas guys over in Gaza. You know, they’re fully aware of it fact of G-rated stuff, like the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. They’re fully aware of the damage that clean and pure, innocent-as-the-wind-driven snow movies, some of the stuffer Disney puts out can present a problem based on the way they are telling their own population about what’s rotten about Americans and the Jewish people and so forth. So they turn Mickey Mouse into a suicide bomber for their kids, as a role model. So you can cut both ways. Bill, thanks for the call.

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