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RUSH: Moving on here, ladies and gentlemen. Little noticed story. I did the Morning Update today on this. A little noted story recently from Mrs. Clinton, presidential candidate and front-runner for the Democrat nomination. She was speaking to college students. She promised to create a new layer of government. She promised that if she were elected president, she would create a national academy to train future government workers. ‘I’m going to be asking a new generation to serve. I think just like our military academies, we need to give a totally all-paid education to young men and women who will serve their country in a public service position.’ I could be wrong about this, but the largest single group of employees in this country, probably work for state and local governments and the federal government. We probably have more people working for government in some capacity than any other, quote, unquote, industry. And yet it’s not enough. We also have the Ivy League which trains young skulls full of mush liberals to come out, infest these bureaucracies in the government to insulate liberals from election defeats at the ballot box. But, of course, the Ivy League costs a lot.

Mrs. Clinton wants your three-year-olds and she wants your four-year-olds. She wants to take over preschool from private industry and have the states run it so she can institute her liberal reeducation camps. Now, she’s proposing a virtual new layer of government, a national academy to train future government workers. This is not idle chatter. This proposal, you could just see these liberals out there, their hearts quivering with pre-orgasmic delight. Now, the mission of the Founding Fathers of this country and the purpose of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was to limit the power of government. Ever since then, liberals have been doing everything they can to grow the size and power of government. Giving a totally all-paid education to hordes of young liberals so they can pursue a life in government means the era of big government will never die. Now, despite her nod to the military academies, Mrs. Clinton’s purpose is not to serve America, ladies and gentlemen. Her purpose is to serve her ideological ambitions. At her command will be a young, totally-paid-for army of liberal bureaucrats ready to infiltrate every crack and crevice of government, from now and forevermore.

This is her version of FDR’s New Deal, Social Security, all these things, designed to empower Democrats for years by creating as much dependency in the general population on government as possible. This is to take a bunch of young skulls full of mush, get ’em in these academies, teach them how to be liberal bureaucrats so that government is their life. A liberal empire is what she envisions, implementing the liberal agenda when her party is in power, sabotaging her political enemies when her party is out of power, much as we have seen sabotage of the Bush administration from unnamed sources leaking all kinds of things from the Pentagon, from the state department or from the CIA. This, folks, is a Trojan horse proposal. Mrs. Clinton knows the story of the Trojan horse very well. Oh, this sounds wonderful: public service, serving your country, working to make yourself a good citizen, serving others, and giving of yourself and giving back. Oh, it’s so wonderful. But it conceals diabolical warfare within, because inside the Trojan horse is an army of indoctrinated young people who will infiltrate all of these various levels of government under the auspices and instruction of the no doubt very liberal professors and teachers that will populate these academies. Given what Mrs. Clinton is planning to do to the country, it is no surprise that she’s got a Trojan in her pantsuit pocket.

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