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RUSH: Remember last week we had a great caller named Deuce from Jefferson City, Missouri. Deuce wanted to point out that Bill Clinton, as first husband, first whatever, if Hillary becomes president, will have some traditional duties, that he would be Hillary’s ‘roaming ambassador.’ Here is a portion of the conversation I had with Deuce.

CALLER: Well, isn’t that what the first lady does, you know, she visits with the wife of the president or the king or whatever?

RUSH ARCHIVE: (Laughing.) I hadn’t thought of that! That’s right! Hillary’s gotta take care of the visiting head of state, so Clinton gets his wife. (Laughing.)

RUSH: That was Deuce from Jefferson City, Missouri. So last night on Nightline, reporterette Kate Snow interviewed Clinton, and she said, ‘If she wins, Bill Clinton said that he won’t necessarily avoid traditional first lady duties, the high teas, the traditional ribbon cutting ceremonies that are staples of the position.’

CLINTON: I wouldn’t mind actually doing some of that work, some of the, uh….You know, some of the more social work.

RUSH: (Clinton impression) ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing some of the more social work. I love it. I loooove to hang around with the wives of these guys that are running the countries and so forth while Hillary is in with them.’ Ha! Deuce called it, Deuce from Jefferson City!

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