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RUSH: Ken in Orange County, California, welcome, sir.

CALLER: Welcome, and happy anniversary to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to say there is a speech you made about four months ago that mirrored something that I experienced. I was doing some lobbying up in Sacramento and at the end of the day I was standing on the state capitol steps, kind of a courtesy visit, I’m looking at the lights coming on, it’s twilight. And I realized I live in a country where the toilets flush, the lights come on, and many other things. And probably in March or April you made a speech that, why are all these people here in the Drive-By and on the left, around the world hating us? It’s because we have plumbing that works, we have lights that go on. You can go from Orange County, California, to Orange County, New York, and you don’t need a passport. I want to thank you for your optimism and your sense of humor, because we need more of both.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I can imagine. I’ve stood on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento. I’ve seen the sight that you saw, and it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful setting. It’s a beautiful building. The people in there, somewhat questionable sometimes, you got some fruitcakes and nuts in there, some really Looney Toons. But you’re going to have that in every legislative body. I’m glad that you mentioned that. I think a lot of people — and it’s hard not to take for granted the prosperity, the abundance, and the affluence that we have in this country, and we have high expectations as a result of it. And we should. We’re the world leader. We’re a growing economy, and we certainly want to keep this up for future generations. But it does require a constant reminding of one’s selves at just how unique we are compared to most people in the world and how fortunate we are. Keep in mind what it was that produced all this so that we can continue to do those things so the country remains strong and gets even stronger. So thank you very much.

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