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“Minnesota had a $2.1 billion surplus. They’ve got more money than they know what to do with. Raising taxes is just a reflexive reaction that Democrats have, that liberals have, and it’s all about control over people.”

“The Drive-By Media had hardly taken a breath before they turned the cars around to blame Bush, and Republicans in general, for the bridge collapse.”

“The Democrats spend money like a teenager that gets hold of your gold card, with abandon and little thought to the consequences or effectiveness.”

“It really is a little sad that a disaster like this becomes immediately partisan. But that’s the nature of our society and culture today.”

“The state of Minnesota is building a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, rather than fix the bridges. How is that the fault of our being in Iraq? It’s not.”

“The political agenda is taking over with the collapse of the bridge. The Democrats and the Drive-Bys are trying to scare us into believing that more taxes would have saved these people on that bridge at that moment, and it’s all a GOP governor’s fault for refusing to increase those taxes. The problem was not low taxes. The problem was fiscal irresponsibility.”

“Liberals will never have enough money, no matter how much they raise, no matter how much they increase taxes.”

“This is two days in a row that Barack Obama has made an idiot of himself, stepping right into Hillary’s testicle lockbox. He doesn’t even know it yet.”

“What the Democrats say in public oftentimes is not what they really know to be the case when it comes to national security.”

“Learn to take as a measure of success the criticism of your enemies. That is a fundamental thing that people in controversial businesses have to learn how to do.”

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