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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi’s keeping bad House, and Dingy Harry can’t run the Senate. It’s dramatic to see how incompetent these people are at running their institutions. Speaking of Pelosi, what is this? Where is this story? This is the Washington Times today. Headline: ‘Monumental Iraq Progress Needed to Sway Democrats’ Plans. — Democrats, including the party’s conservative ‘Blue Dogs,’ say it will take ‘monumental’ improvement in Iraq — not the current blips of success — to sway them from pushing for a U.S. troop withdrawal after a September progress report. Jane Harman, a hawkish…’ well, for a Democrat, a hawk, ‘… California Democrat and chairman of the Homeland Security intelligence subcommittee, ‘The military victories are just episodic.’ Rep. Charlie Wilson, a freshman Democrat from a conservative blue-collar Ohio district, said he ‘would definitely need monumental proof, not just an isolated improvement.’ The remarks echo the opinion of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, who aides say is ‘not willing to concede there are positive things to point to’ in Iraq.’ (Laughing) This was two or three days ago, they are wedded to this position of theirs, which is defeat. They are wedded to it and they will continue to use those talking points. I have a couple sound bites here. This is last night The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS. He had the speaker on there, and he said, ‘From your perspective, what General Petraeus says September about the surge is an irrelevant act on your part?’

PELOSI: The purpose of the surge was to create a secure environment in which political progress could be made. That has not happened. The president’s own benchmarks are not being met. So it was a political standard. The security — the surge was to make the area more secure so that the political solution could take hold and the measure will be, okay, did the surge achieve its — its purpose? Did the political progress occur? Amending the constitution, having — calling for provincial elections, having loyalty for the fair distribution of oil in the region, reviewing the order on de-Ba’athification, some of the president’s own benchmarks.

RUSH: I read something the other day that the oil revenue is being divided, even though that they haven’t finished the law, that the oil revenue is being divided. Also read something the other day, some Big Oil people went over there, and they did some quick studies, some research. The second largest reserves in the world are underneath the sands of Iraq. But they are distributing oil revenue. Of course, her own House is falling apart. She cannot keep order or security in her own House, but, of course, whatever Petraeus says, ‘Doesn’t matter, folks, doesn’t matter, the surge was to bring security, it’s not working,’ da-da-da-da-da. No chance that she’s going to accept what Petraeus says. So Jim Lehrer said, ‘Well, some people have expressed outrage over the fact that the Iraqi parliament’s taking a month off as a vacation. Do you share that…’ do you believe these questions?

PELOSI: While our troops are in harm’s way there and the need for us to see strong political change, it seems they’ve left before their work was completed.

LEHRER: You don’t see any parallels between that recess and the recess of the US Congress?

PELOSI: No, none at all.

RUSH: Oh, of course not, who could possibly see any similarity between them going on vacation in August and the US Congress going on vacation? Who could possibly see any similarity in the Iraqis getting probably more done than the US Congress, who could possibly see any similarity? Of course not, no, not at all. And of course Jim Lehrer just nods approvingly, good answer, Ms. Pelosi, that’s what we in the Drive-By Media want you to say.

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