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Rush’s Morning Update: The Children
August 3, 2007

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You’ve probably never paid much attention to a federal entitlement called: the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP (with a P). Well, right before their summer recess was to start, House Democrats unloaded a massive, 465-page, $50 billion expansion of this little-known program. They refused to hold hearings – the normal process; they shut down Republican attempts to debate, or even offer amendments. Now Senate Democrats are lining up behind their House colleagues, hoping to ram the bill through.

What’s in it? First: Democrats reward lawbreaking by providing illegal immigrants with insurance coverage, while punishing you law-abiding taxpayers with huge tax increases. Secondly, Democrats are using this measure as an incremental step toward establishing universal health care – for the legal and illegal.

If President Bush vetoes this legislative abomination – as he should – Democrats plan to launch an all-out assault on Republicans for “hurting the children.” It’s right out of their old, tattered playbook, repeating the tactics they used when they bloated up the school lunch program then beat the stuffing out of Republican opponents by accusing them of starving kids.

What they’re banking on, is that you’ll be totally led by your emotions – because it’s “for the children.” Once again, Democrats will use “the children,” to stick it to you! Just more proof, my friends, how full of SCHIP (with a P) … Democrats really are!

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