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RUSH: Liz in Columbus, Ohio, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Rush Limbaugh!

RUSH: Hey. Hubba-hubba!

CALLER: I am so excited I’m talking to you. I have listened to you ever since I was breathing on the face of the earth.

RUSH: Well, then you have been successfully indoctrinated here.

CALLER: Oh, my. Well, you know… Yeah, you have —

RUSH: Educated, educated.

CALLER: Educated.

RUSH: I was being funny.

CALLER: Okay. Here’s the deal. I am absolutely overwhelmed, incensed. I couldn’t even sleep Friday night, I was so upset over what happened on the House floor Thursday night.

RUSH: Oh, you mean where they pulled the vote they lost?

CALLER: Rush? Rush, you have got to, like, go on the mountaintop and scream at what happened.

RUSH: Liz? Liz? Don’t sweat it. The House is going to investigate itself, and they will get to the bottom of this.

CALLER: Well, I just called Pat Tiberi’s office, and I talked to one of his main guys, and he said that the Democrats… When you take a vote to the House, it has to go through two committees. They’re not even doing that now.

RUSH: No. Well, it’s not that you have to, but there is a normal procedure, and if they want to ram something through the Senate, they can. They did this with the original immigration bill: back room, dark of night, nobody knowing what was going on, abandoning all the usual committee hearings with experts on both sides testifying about the impact or the consequence so forth. The House is doing this. They got caught. By the way, it is on video. You can plainly see on video they stole the vote. I don’t know why they needed to bother take the time to investigate themselves. Didn’t I see also that Pelosi handed down a ruling that they’re going to go to paper ballots from now on? They’re going to scrub this electronic stuff and go to paper ballots? I don’t know if that stood or she just suggested it. In fact, there’s a funny story out today. The former speaker of the House, Thomas Foley, warned the Democrats before the November elections: If you guys win, even if you think you need to do payback, do not start doing this strong-arm stuff. It’s going to come back to bite you — and he was speaking from actual experience, because one of the reasons Tom Foley lost — and I’ll never forget.

He was the speaker of the House from the State of Washington. He lost his reelection bid to a virtual unknown, and I remember the Drive-By Media that night when the election returns were coming in the next day, was destroyed. They couldn’t understand it. ‘Why, how could the people of State of Washington so savagely throw out the most powerful man in the House, their representative?’ I’ll tell you what it was. It was the assault weapons ban, if you’ve forgotten. On the assault weapons ban, he kept the vote open beyond the agreed-to time limit, and of course when you’re talking about the assault weapons ban, you’re talking about the Second Amendment. You’re talking about the NRA. You’re talking about a lot of Americans who were paying attention, even in the state of Washington. He was gone. There were a lot of other things, too, but that was the primary thing, and he warned ’em. He said, ‘Don’t do it.’ He’s coming and speaking here from actual experience — and they’re doing it. Their approval rating is at 3%. It’s not a pretty picture. The Drive-Bys are going to be surprised by this, if this stuff has a negative impact on the Democrats in the next elections, because the Drive-Bys ignore all this. The Drive-Bys don’t report any of this.

They may report the original incident, but they don’t follow it up because they don’t think anything is going to happen because they think their puff pieces and their support is going to get the Democrats reelected — and then it’s like they couldn’t believe that Foley lost, and they couldn’t believe Kerry lost. They were just beside themselves. They live in a different world, too, where reality oftentimes doesn’t permeate.

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