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RUSH: I’ve received a slew of e-mails from people who have read a Drive-By Media report that ’24’ in the next season is going green. For example, ‘May day, may day, trouble on ’24.’ Dear Rush: I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I read with horror that the new season of ’24’ will have Jack Bauer fighting global warming. Can you use your influence to change this script?’ Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot be blamed for totally misunderstanding this. This is a testament to the absolute incompetence of the Drive-By Media. Jack Bauer is not going to be shooting SUVs. Jack Bauer is not going to be driving hybrids. Jack Bauer is not going to use BBs. All the story means is that — and this is a Fox network-wide dictum from the suits in the studio tower — all these Fox programs are going to be carbon neutral in their production techniques, with lightbulb changes on the set and things like that. The content of the program is not what’s referred to in the story, so don’t panic.

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