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RUSH: Cookie worked fast. We have these two sound bites, and the owner of the Murray Energy Corporation, the owner of the mine where the six miners are missing. I had gotten a heads-up that this guy launched against the media today for misreporting what’s happening out there by name and that he also started attacking the stupidity of energy legislation in this country. His name is Robert Murray, chairman of Murray Energy Corp. He held a press conference and explained what was going on in the rescue efforts. He started getting questions about things. These are two sound bites from the press conference.

MURRAY: Without coal to manufacture our electricity, our products will not compete in the global marketplace against foreign countries because our manufacturers depend on coal for low-cost electricity, and people on fixed incomes will not be able to pay foyer electric bills. And every one of these global warming bills that has been introduced in Congress today will eliminate the coal industry and increase your electric rates four to five fold. So we are an essential industry.

RUSH: Now, you might be saying, ‘Why the hell is he talk about this when they got six miners down there that were trapped?’ Because he was asked about it, because he was asked, ‘What the hell are you in this business for anyway?’ That was not an exact question, but it was something like, ‘Why do we have these mines open? They’re so dangerous, and coal is destroying the planet and coal’s this and coal’s that.’ He fired right back at them, and of course this guy is a corporate interest, so he can’t be trusted, according to the left. These reporters had to be asking some of the most clichéd, stupid, uninformed, closed-mind questions. I have to tell you something. He’s right. I have to tell you a little story. On one these guy golf trips, and I go on a bunch of them during the summer. The first one was in the middle of June. I went up to a friend of mine’s place, I’m not going to mention where because his town will get mobbed with people wanting to find out where I was, and he’ll get hassled. But it was in Connecticut. We took his boat. He’s got a pretty nice boat. He took his boat over to Fisher’s Island and we played golf over there. From Fisher’s Island we went up to Newport to see another friend. We were going to play golf there the next day. As we pull out of the harbor with my friend lives, there’s this giant ship.

I’m not on the water much, so, I see things like I see tankers and stuff flying over them, like when I went into Dubai to negotiate the ports deal before I went into Afghanistan, but there was this huge cargo ship, and there were a bunch of smaller ships loading off of it. It was off-loading onto those smaller ships, and they were headed somewhere. I said, ‘What is that?’ My friend said, ‘It’s a coal delivery.’ He said, ‘Look over there,’ and he pointed, and there was this giant power plant in Connecticut, and those of you who live there now know where I’m talking about. It has to be fed every day. It’s providing electricity. This guy is exactly right. The amount of coal that that cargo ship had to hold would boggle your mind. These are things that most people never see. You just go in the room, you flip the switch and the lights come on, but you don’t know how it happens, and this guy is operating a mine along with other people to bring coal up — it’s a dangerous, risky job — and you’ve got the global warming people trying to put it out of business. He’s right. If you do that, you’re going to have to have some other fuel for the power plants to fire their electricity with, and it is going to cost a tremendous amount of money. Here’s the next bite. He was just watching the coverage of the disaster, and he said this.

MURRAY: They know nothing about the natural disaster that occurred here. They know nothing about the damage in the mine, and the circumstances surrounding the trapped miners. I caution the media to very much question the veracity of these sources and their motivations. I particularly cite Mr. Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press for particularly bad reporting, and the Fox News network, on what has occurred here. Rather than utilizing the truthful statements that you heard here, Mr. Borenstein chose to use statements from Mrs. McAteer that were totally false and have nothing to do with or have any understanding of what’s happened here. And this morning, Fox News network was at it also. I hope you report that.

RUSH: Done, Mr. Murray.


RUSH: By the way, even better is something I left out of the story about that giant ship out there in the Long Island Sound servicing the power plant. That coal was from overseas! It was not American. That was foreign coal, if you will. I love this Murray guy, because finally somebody is promoting the concept of continual access to sources of energy, for the necessity of this country to continue to grow. I love this guy, already.

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