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RUSH: WPMS is dead, flushed the feminist talk network, GreenStone Media, they’re folding up. They’re folding up shop. Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem started this thing. Their period’s over. ‘In a major blow to its high profile backers including Gloria Steinem, Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Fonda and others, feminist talk radio network, GreenStone Media, is about to shut down, according to several trade magazine reports. Despite its famous investors, ready access to cash, and relatively high profile in the industry, GreenStone, WPMS, struggled to gain…’ well, WNAG, that was their affiliate, so WPMS, WNAG, WFEM. Those are the three stations out there. When are you liberals going to learn that commercial enterprises do not even think of funding? I predicted this. In fact, let’s go back to the audio sound bites. This got started, it was September 14th of 2006, and the former PMSNBC info babe Rita Cosby was talking to Jane Fonda, she was on to promote WPMS, WNAG, WFEM women’s talk radio network, and Rita Cosby said, ‘What do you specifically think about Rush Limbaugh, Ms. Fonda?’

FONDA: You’ve gotta be kidding. They make me feel worried about the future for my grandchildren. This is not — these are not voices that I want to invite into my brain. I feel like their toxic to myself, to my soul and other people’s soul. Life shouldn’t be like that. We — women want thought provoking, friendly, trustworthy, funny, they want to laugh, informative talk radio.

RUSH: They get all that here.

FONDA: 75% of them, and we did a lot of research, said they would come back to women’s talk radio if they could hear what they want to hear. And we hope to provide it for them. We know what they want. We think we can give it to them.

RUSH: Yeah, and you know what? This is the point that people forget about this. I read the stories of what they were going to do, and they weren’t going to do classes on bra burning. This was about cake recipes and baking. It was about all things in the home, children, about nurturing and so it was the death knell of feminism the way these babes are programming the network. And then October of 2006, at Comedy Central, this Colbert guy had Steinem and Jane Fonda. And Steinem was asked, ‘Is this going to be like Rush Limbaugh for the ladies?’

STEINEM: There is no such thing as Rush Limbaugh for the ladies, you know. Conflict is good, but it’s not the entire world divided into two. You know, I mean there might be ten sides to an issue or 24 sides to an issue —

RUSH: No, no, no, there’s only one side to an issue and that’s the right side. There are many different sides to other things. There are three sides to sex; there may be more, there could be ten sides, depending on Steinem and Fonda and how they play it. But I mean issues — this is our problem. ‘Well, everybody has the right to their opinion.’ Yeah, they do, but do they have a right to be stupid too and do they have a right to be wrong? When they’re wrong, you tell ’em they’re wrong. There’s one side to an issue: my side.

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