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Rush’s Morning Update: Kudos
August 8, 2007

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According to CybercastNews.com, a conservative student group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is suing Defense Secretary Robert Gates. They haven’t lost their minds, or fallen sway to liberal influences.

Students in the Young America’s Foundation are fed up. For two years running, military personnel, invited to attend the university job fair with about 60 other potential employers, were harassed by students and faculty members who, apparently – to borrow a liberal phrase – “loathe the military.”

In 2005, a mob of rowdy antiwar protesters reportedly surrounded the military recruiters’ tables, preventing students from viewing their materials. After an hour of this, the recruiters departed. In 2006, the harassment was repeated, and a recruiter’s car was vandalized. This year, the military didn’t even bother showing up.

So why is Defense Secretary Robert Gates being sued? The conservative students want him to enforce the Solomon Amendment – which requires colleges to allow military recruiters access to colleges. If the students prevail with their suit, UC Santa Cruz could lose $80 million in federal funding. I don’t know if the students’ case will hold up in court. But no matter the outcome, they deserve kudos. I congratulate you young conservatives… for standing up to those who’ve allowed our military to be harassed on campus; even as they defend their harassers with their very lives.

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