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RUSH: We noticed something. Chris Dodd in his admunition to Barack Obama over his unilateral invasion of ‘Pok-i-ston,’ said, ‘Words mean things. You’ve gotta be very careful.’ Words mean things. Yes, they do! That’s a popularized phrase that has been etched in stone in the second of my 35 Undeniable Truths of Life. There is First 35 and then a second, and in the Second 35 Undeniable Truths of Life, number 34 is: ‘Words mean things.’ It’s amazing how these people steal line my lines when it suits then. It wasn’t just Chris Dodd. It was Hillary Clinton’s spokesman and it was Barack Obama’s spokesman who used the phrase during the debate and in the spin room afterwards.

DODD: Words mean things.

HOWARD WOLFSON: Words matter. Words have implications.

DAVID AXELROD: Words do matter.

DODD: Words mean things. We’ve gotta be very careful.

RUSH: They steal from El Hosto.


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