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Rush’s Morning Update: Defense!
August 9, 2007

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Environmentalist wackos are attacking one of their firmest – well, one of their allies: New York’s junior Senator, Mrs. Bill Clinton. The wackos are angry that no action has been taken on legislation that would save countless lives.

Mrs. Clinton chairs the subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health – which is responsible for regulating toxic substances. In March, sweeping legislation was introduced in the Senate to ban the export of mercury.

Mercury, a deadly neurotoxin, can pollute the water and the air. Exporting the stuff would be horrible. Women, minorities, and seafood would be hardest hit. But despite bipartisan support, Mrs. Clinton has refused to schedule hearings, or do much of anything.

The wackos don’t understand Mrs. Clinton’s inaction. Asked if she had any objection to the bill, Mrs. Clinton responded: “Of course not – why would I?” Why, indeed! Especially since Senator Barack Obama, who sponsored the bill, is a…friend!

Believe it or not, there are insinuations that Mrs. Bill might be playing politics. And since no one else will defend her… I will. I challenge any of you: name a time when Mrs. Clinton has ever played politics when people’s lives were at stake! Name one! No…besides health care. No…besides intelligence gathering. No…besides Iraq. No…besides – darn it, I’m out of time!

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