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RUSH: ‘Nearly half of the nation’s murder victims in 2005 were black, and the number of African-American men who were slain is on the rise. A majority of the black murder victims were relatively young – between 17 and 29, the Justice Department said in a study released yesterday. The department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics report offers a snapshot of racial disparities among violent crime victims. Black people represented an estimated 13% of the U.S. population in 2005, the latest data available, but were the victims of 49% of all murders and 15% of rapes, assaults and other nonfatal violent crimes nationwide. Most of the black murder victims – 93% – were killed by other black people, the study found.’ Black-on-black crime. ‘About 85% of white victims were slain by other white people.’ So, we had a story the other day about black women who are more and more frequently not marrying black men, and I rhetorically asked the question, ‘Why would this be happening?’ I then supplied the obvious answer. The pool is obviously shrinking, because of cultural phenomenon, such as the number of black men in jail. Now you add this to it. This is just amazing.

This is what happens when you surrender, when you ignore obvious problems for the sake of not offending and being politically correct. I would go so far as to say that all of these programs that the left came up with to ‘help’ disadvantaged — poor people, disadvantaged — minorities and so forth… You think these numbers are bad? This stuff has been a death sentence! The first thing they did was break up the black family, by taking the father out of the loop of necessity. The federal government and the AFDC checks became the father. There was no need for the father to hang around, so he didn’t. Of course, we couldn’t talk about this… I can talk about it, because we have had black women call this program in anger, making this point. So, here you have a classic illustration. You have a problem; you know exactly what it is, but you don’t dare say it. Political correctness! If you say it, you’re going to knock on the door from the Reverend Jackson, and right behind you at the back door will be the Reverend Sharpton, and nobody wants to put up with that, so, the condition continues to fester — and at the end of the day you blame people like Ronald Reagan and George Bush for it, and Republicans in general, and conservatives because they’re racists.

Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, they’re more worried about blacks being killed serving in the military than in their own neighborhoods! You look at these numbers. These numbers are amazing! Yet all we hear about from the Democrats is, ‘look at this! Thirty-six hundred troop deaths! WE have to bring our boys and girls home. Why, they’re not safe!’ (sigh) Here are these numbers again: 93% of black murder victims were killed by other black people, and nearly half of the nation’s murder victims in ’05 were black. You put the two together. A majority of the black murder victims are relatively young, between 17 and 29. I guess it would be politically incorrect to say, ‘Gang culture, anybody?’ Would it be politically incorrect to say that?

Then you go to this thing, this situation in Newark, which even though the perp there is an illegal immigrant from Honduras — who, by the way, says he didn’t do it (but all the perps say they didn’t do it) — you still have a situation there where that town is outraged. Newark, New Jersey is outraged. What is the number of deaths in Newark this year? Sixty. Six-zero! Six-zero deaths in Newark this year! What race do you think the majority of the victims belong to.

I have an article here from the CityJournal.org, written by Steven Malanga titled, ‘City Without Fathers,’ and this article states that ‘only 32 percent of Newark children are being raised by their parents in a two-adult household,’ and that children born in one-parent households are three times more likely to be poor and in jail. Now, this dovetails with the story from the justice department on murder statistics. It dovetails with the story earlier this week that black women are deciding to marry outside their race. This situation, when you read this story — it’s a long story too; when it prints out it’s a long story — it’s an example of how a story does not fit the Drive-By Media template or action line of: Victim and Liberal Government Solutions and Fixes, which is why the issue won’t get the traction that it should, because you’ve got mayhem going on in Newark.

You have 32% of children raised by parents in a two-adult household. Only 32%! After all of these government efforts to solve the problem, to fix it, after blaming Republicans for all of the racism, you don’t find a more Democrat city than Newark, New Jersey — and forever you don’t find a more Democratic city than Newark, New Jersey. Yet the action line is, ‘Well, it’s a Republican problem, and of course we had to even hide the fact that it was an illegal immigrant perp for a while, because that doesn’t fit the Drive-By action line. So accurate reporting on this stuff doesn’t get done, so people can’t squarely face the problem. In Newark, New Jersey there’s no evil monster threatening the downtrodden people. They’re doing it to themselves in Newark. There aren’t outside agitators moving there. Newark hasn’t been targeted by anybody that doesn’t live there. The people that live there can stop it themselves, but they’re being enabled — soothingly enabled — by liberal social policies, and these policies allow these rich, white liberals to think themselves heroes without having to live in that environment!

This environment, their policies have created. These policies feed the overseers of the social welfare system and plantation. They operate the bureaucracy, and these heroes — the people trying to solve these problems with great, great programs from the federal government — they provide self-pity to the downtrodden, convincing them that their condition is the fault of some evil, be it racism, or bigotry, or George Bush or Ronald Reagan or Pat Buchanan or whoever. There’s no conservative hero coming to rescue these people from their welfare state evils, because there aren’t any conservatives there. So it feeds on itself. The loop gets closed over and over again, and the whole thing continues to get smaller and compress, and then eventually it blows up now and then to relieve the pressure. So these communities, they need to wake up and they need to rescue themselves from themselves, and that means electing different people, exhibiting a little bit more responsibility in their own lives. But they haven’t been taught to do that.

They’ve grown up in a big Democrat town, where somebody else is supposed to come in and fix the problem — although there’s so much outrage over these three murders, that this… (sigh) You hold out hope. It might provide some impetus to clean things up. The mayor up there is under fire. That’s as it should be, too, because this is an untenable situation — and it’s another Blue City.


RUSH: Something we were just discussing, ladies and gentlemen. John Leo has a column today in the New York Sun, and this is just great. All you need to hear is the first paragraph. ‘If anyone ever starts a museum of horrible explanations, the one-liner by Newsweek’s Evan Thomas about his magazine’s dubious reporting on the Duke non-rape case — ‘The narrative was right but the facts were wrong’ — is destined to become a popular exhibit, right up there with ‘we had to destroy the village to save it.”

Oh, by the way, speaking of that, can I go back to this Newark situation? Can we establish once and for all that it doesn’t take a village to raise a kid; it takes mom and dad? This whole notion it takes a village to raise a kid, has been put on display in way too many neighborhoods and cities in this country. The old Hillary Clinton book, ‘It Takes a Village,’ meaning: ‘Let us raise your kids. You’re too incompetent to do it.’ Well, we’re finding out that all these bureaucrats and all these problems, the village will not raise your kids! It takes YOU to raise your kids.

Anyway, ‘What Mr. Thomas seems to mean is that the newsroom view of the lacrosse players as privileged, sexist, and arrogant white male jocks was the correct angle on the story.’ The narrative was right! The facts were wrong! So, they use the word ‘narrative,’ I say ‘template,’ which means ‘bias,’ so when things come along that fit the prejudice such as ‘Republicans are racists and bigots and are heartless and so forth,’ then you have a situation like in Newark, New Jersey where there’s not a Republican to be found, well then you can’t really report the story the way you want to! You can’t say that Newark is crumbling because of Republicans or conservatives, so what do you do? You ignore the story, and you start focusing on the illegal immigrant which you really don’t like to do either because they do their best to hide the fact that illegals are prone to crime in this country.


RUSH: John in Crofton, MD, I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Rush, I’m actually a little surprised you’re talking about Newark because the Democrats really… Well I guess that’s why the Democrats won’t talk about it, because it’s a social experiment like Philadelphia and Detroit and Chicago, anywhere they put up Federal government projects. We had to move in 1953 out of the center of Newark. It was considered a Little Italy and that’s where Joe DiMaggio used to come and eat at Richie Boiardo’s place.

RUSH: The place thrived.

CALLER: Newark was the home of a Yankee farm team then, the Newark Bears, and that’s where Yogi Berra and a lot of them went through before they went to the Yankees, but anyway, Newark was a functioning city at the time, and they decided to do something they called the ‘urban renewal’ and they took Little Italy and they leveled it. There’s a book about it called ‘The Vanished First Ward.’ Incidentally, it’s 40 years since the 1967 riots that Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda’s former husband instigated in Newark and they’ve never gotten over it. The only good thing that’s happened since they put up the government projects is they imploded them, but apparently they haven’t replaced them with livable housing for enough people. So you still have a failed war on poverty, which ‘urban renewal’ was later named under Johnson. But there’s a guy named Peter Rodino that was a congressman from Newark, and I guess he had his heart in the right place when he thought he would bring federal money there and destroy all the fabric of the town and put up these projects. Whenever there’s trouble whether it was in Detroit or Chicago, these are warehouses for criminals. These cities don’t have a chance.

RUSH: Don’t leave out St. Louis. It was called Pruitt-Igo.

CALLER: Was that St. Louis or East St. Louis?

RUSH: You may have a point there. I think it was in St. Louis. East St. Louis is its own thing.

CALLER: That’s another problem. But you’re right. The Federal government, the Democrats, really —

RUSH: I know. You can’t leave out New York, either. Bed-Stuy, all these places.

CALLER: Yes, you’re right. I’m not really familiar with New York.

RUSH: And don’t leave out South Central LA. You go to all these places where liberals have worked their magic based on compassion and concern, which is rooted in the fact that the people that live in these places are incompetent and incapable of doing life themselves. Liberals run in with their ideas. This is what amazes me. Everywhere it has been tried where liberals are unchecked — New Orleans! Liberalism, Democrats ran that place for years. Newark, you go down the list, and you will find decay and destruction. Yet, they still get credit for all this compassion and understanding and concern, because I guess they love having victims.

CALLER: Absolutely, and the Newark Star-Ledger is explicit in this. I’m surprised. That was always a lousy newspaper. They used to have a Newark News that anyone that had any intelligence read, but of course they went out of business. It wasn’t a liberal paper.

RUSH: Let me ask that question out there. You moved from one blue state to another one.

CALLER: Yes. We have a one party state we have Martin O’Malley here that wants to raise taxes on everything that begins with the letter T.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: He’s raising all the taxes! He did such a great job in Baltimore, another losing Democratic experiment where they built the projects right next to Little Italy which is the safest part of Baltimore, to this day. It’s near the inner harbor, and if you want to go to Baltimore you know you can park in little Italy and don’t have to worry about being mugged. Incidentally, Newark, I believe, was the home of the invention of the car jacking. I heard it before it even had the name, but I think it all started in Newark.

RUSH: (Laughing.) That that’s a dubious honor I hadn’t heard.

CALLER: You got Shaq O’Neal from Newark, Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston, Joe Pesci from just outside of Newark — I don’t think he claims Newark. We have all these wonderful people, somehow, miraculously made a success of themselves! (Laughing.)

RUSH: Well, they got out!

CALLER: No thanks to Newark.

RUSH: They got out.

CALLER: Yeah, it was an incentive to get the hell out of there.

RUSH: You’ll probably remember this name: Anthony Imperiale.

CALLER: Oh, yeah! He was during the riots. He was the one taking people to the hospitals and everything.

RUSH: I remember 60 Minutes did a piece on him, and they drove around with him at night. This was a long time ago, in the 60s, 70s —

CALLER: Yeah, ’67.

RUSH: — and they cast him… Well, he was a little, you know… He could exceed the boundaries now and then, but he was being perceived and portrayed as this out-of-control vigilante. But what I remember the story was, is the last place anybody with any sanity would go to at night was Newark if what was in the 60 Minutes piece was accurate.

CALLER: Well, it wasn’t. That maybe it was. I didn’t see that. But I saw a documentary that just came out and they didn’t mention Anthony Imperiale’s name whatsoever. They blamed everything on the mob. They said, ‘Well Newark was a mob town.’ (sigh) Well, what’s happened in 40 years when the mob has been out of there? Hugh Addonizio was the mayor at the time of the ’67 riots, and he got put away because he was on the take, and all his henchmen were sent to jail.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Now you got this guy [Newark Mayor]Cory Booker, who is like the mayor of Washington. We’ve got this guy [Mayor of DC] Fenty, here.

RUSH: Yeah, he’s a good looking guy though.

CALLER: Yeah, they’re both good looking guys and they both think they’ll do wonders, and in Washington now they can’t get the school books out of the warehouse.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: They have them in the warehouse, but I guess the hierarchy or the operation of the DC schools, they only got one guy working in the warehouse and they say when the kids start school half of them aren’t going to have books. Well that’s ridiculous! Just have FedEx come in and take the books and take a truckload to each school. But the teachers union and everything is entrenched.

RUSH: FedEx is non-union aren’t they?

CALLER: Ha-ha! That’s why it works!

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: That guy came up with the idea for FedEx.

RUSH: No, no, no, because UPS works too.

CALLER: Yeah, well, that’s unionized. That’s Teamsters.

RUSH: All right, I got to hit the trail out there, John.

CALLER: Rush, you’re great. Keep it up.

RUSH: You’ve been on fire. This is great. I’ve enjoyed talking to you.

CALLER: Take care, Rush.

RUSH: Take care.

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