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RUSH: Janet in… Godley, Illinois?

CALLER: (Laughs)

RUSH: Is that really Godley, Illinois?

CALLER: Yes, it is.

RUSH: Well, Janet, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you. I am so excited about talking to you, and I’m so nervous. I wanted to talk about a different aspect of Obama’s candidacy. No one has touched on his very far left stance on social issues such as abortion, and there was an incident here in Illinois about seven years ago, at Christ Hospital — a suburban hospital to Chicago — where babies who were born alive after a botched abortion, were left to die in linen closets and a nurse exposed it, and she was of course fired, and there were demonstrations, and it led the Illinois legislature to formulate the Infants Born Alive Act, which stated that infants who were born alive as the result of a botched abortion, could not be left to die, and Barack Obama voted against it.

RUSH: May I stop you right there?


RUSH: Don’t lose your train of thought.


RUSH: What does it say about the state of Illinois and the country in general, when such a law is required?

CALLER: Yes, I know. It is very sad.

RUSH: A baby born alive in a botched abortion can’t be killed!

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: (Gags.)

CALLER: I know. It’s pretty sick.

RUSH: Okay, what did Obama do?

CALLER: He voted against that act. He went on rerecord and voted against a law to protect those children.

RUSH: Well, I’m sure he had a reason! What was it?

CALLER: You know, I could not for the life of me tell you. I’m sure it was to protect the right of the woman to choose.

RUSH: It is that, but I’ll tell you what it is? There is something corrupting about the Democrat Party. Do you know that both Bill Clinton and Algore were pro-lifers?

CALLER: No, I did not know that.

RUSH: Yeah, they were. When you seek national office in the Democrat Party, one of the first things you have to do is cash in that chip, and you have to pay homage to the sacrament of the religion of that party which is abortion. You don’t’ stand a prayer of getting the nomination in the Democrat Party if you do anything that would make any abortion harder to accomplish or to get done. So that’s Obama. It’s clear to me he had national aspirations at the time, then he did not want to do anything that would anger the NAGs and the militant feminists, and the general leftists in the party.

CALLER: Right. I think that should be publicly known during this campaign, how far, far left he is.

RUSH: This stuff will all come out. I’m going to tell you something. Aside from the most-informed audience in media, which is you and everybody else listening to this program, most people really start paying attention to this stuff after Thanksgiving, when the primaries start.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I’ll give you a great example. At this time in 2004 on the Democrat side, who was all the hullabaloo about?

CALLER: Ummmm, was it John Kerry?

RUSH: No, it was Howard Dean.


RUSH: It was Howard Dean. He was raising all this money, and why he was raising all this money, and why he’s collecting more money than anybody ever knew existed out on the Internet! He’s setting new examples for everybody to follow! Howard Dean, everywhere he went, was the frontrunner. And then they had this little thing called the Hawkeye Cauci, and they actually started voting, and he was nowhere! He was nowhere. John Kerry comes out of there as the guy who wins it, and that’s what launched Kerry, because they said, ‘Wooo! He’s the guy! Look at the surprise,’ because everybody had assumed, because the wonks and the pundits who paid attention to this stuff and believed all the polls that are out there. Howard Dean was in exactly the same place as Hillary Clinton is.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Maybe not in fundraising, maybe not as much money, but ‘Presumptive nominee, only a matter of time,’ but most people didn’t start paying attention to Howard Dean and see how weird he was until late in the year, late in November and early December. So this stuff about Obama… (sigh) I don’t know that Democrats are going to bring it out about him. If he happens to get the nomination or if he’s chosen to be veep, you wait. This stuff will all come out. It’s just waiting, but you don’t want to bring it out now. People forget about it. The timing of this kind of stuff is crucial.

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