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RUSH: Carl in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. You’re first, as we go to the phones today on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, why can’t we all just get along? Now, I listen —

RUSH: Oh, Carl, give me a break. Don’t do a Rodney King on me. You gotta be kidding me.

CALLER: No, I’m not kidding you. I think it’s a very realistic thing. See, here’s what I hear. First of all, I — as an independent, all the politicians work for me. Well, they work for all of us. But what I hear is, if — if someone on one side of the aisle comes up with a good idea the other side has to disagree with it just because they’re on the opposite side of the aisle.

RUSH: You’re just —

CALLER: When I listen to radio talk show hosts, I hear the same thing. I hear the conservative people whining about the liberals; I hear the liberals whining about the conservatives. And — and you can go to any kind of newspaper articles that you want and pick and choose whatever you want, what works for you. You know, there’s probably just as many articles there that would be opposite and against what you have to say.

RUSH: What? Most of them would be opposite and against what I have to say. In a newspaper?


RUSH: I mean —

CALLER: Well, look it, when I listen to you and I don’t listen a lot…

RUSH: Carl, look, I have a question.

CALLER: I don’t listen a lot, what I hear is you pick and choose different newspaper articles, and you say, ‘Here, look at this. Read this.’

RUSH: That’s right! That’s right. I’m an agenda guy. I have a belief system. It’s called conservatism. I believe it’s the best thing for the most people.

CALLER: So let me ask you this, then. If you — if you think conservatism is the best thing for most people, should we just wipe out the Democratic Party altogether?

RUSH: No, you have to beat them. I’d love to be able to do it, but that’s not the way.

CALLER: No, but, I mean, just eliminate them? Let’s just have conservative Republicans.

RUSH: No! No! Carl, now, look, now, be realistic.

CALLER: That’s what you sound like when you talk.

RUSH: Yes! I’d love to wipe ’em out to the point that they are a minority for the rest of this nation’s history, yes. Exactly right, Carl, because I think the Democrat Party and liberalism will destroy the fabric and the institutions and traditions that made this country great. But I want to —

CALLER: How about…? How about all the people on the opposite side of the aisle that are saying the exact same thing? You see… And who do we listen to?

RUSH: Carl, you’re not hearing me. You’re not hearing me because you’re not letting me finish the point. I want to do it in the democratic political system that we have in this system. I want as many informed people as possible voting and defeating those people so that we have a genuine governing mandate. Now, here. I can illustrate the problem that you have with all this with one question.

CALLER: What makes you think I have a problem?

RUSH: You called and said you did!

CALLER: See that’s part of my problem with you.

RUSH: You called and said you have a problem. You don’t like all the bickering.


RUSH: You said, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ That to me tells me you’ve got a problem. I’ve got one question.

CALLER: No, it was a question. It’s not a problem.

RUSH: It stems from a problem. You’re upset, Carl. You wish all this weren’t going on. You want us to all get along, and for that to happen one side is going to have to give up.

CALLER: (Laughing.) No, we can’t just… We can’t compromise and meet in the middle. One side’s gotta give up.

RUSH: We can’t compromise on principles. You can’t compromise on good versus evil. You can’t compromise on victory and defeat.

CALLER: And so the Democrats are evil, as you see it?

RUSH: No! I think something like that abortion is, and you don’t compromise on pro-life versus killing a baby in the womb. Where’s the compromise on that? That’s what I mean. Now, let me ask you a question, because this is central to helping you understand where you are. As an independent, what do you stand for?

CALLER: (silence) How do you mean the question, what do I stand for?

RUSH: What do you believe in?

CALLER: I mean, is it…? Is it…?

RUSH: As an independent, what do you believe in? What are your core principles?

CALLER: (longer silence) I — in — in terms of what, exactly? I mean, I’m not taking everything as a whole. I’m looking at — at everything.

RUSH: This is not a trick question. I’m not trying to trick you, and you’re not being roped into anything here. As an independent, or moderate, whatever — you call yourself an independent — what do you stand for?

CALLER: (really long silence) Give me an example.

RUSH: Ahem. Victory or defeat in Iraq?

CALLER: Well (sigh), that’s going to open up a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

RUSH: Well, see, there’s the problem. You don’t have a core belief running through your body at all and so you have nothing to stand for. You have nothing you believe in that you want to be victorious with because you believe it’s right. So you sit out there, and you hear people who have these core beliefs argue about it, and it makes you nervous, and you want to do a Rodney King on the country — and that’s not going to solve any problem. I’m glad you called.

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