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RUSH: A sad, sad story. ‘Thousands of Elvis Presley fans braved 105-degree heat as they wound down Graceland’s driveway in a graveside procession Wednesday in advance of the 30th anniversary of the singer’s death. The heat led to the death of a fan from New Jersey, a 67-year-old woman…. [T]he Shelby County medical examiner’s office said the heat contributed to her death.’ This need not have happened. This out-of-control heat need not have happened, ladies and gentlemen, if everybody would simply drive the right kind of car. Elvis?

(Playing of ‘In a Hybrid’)

RUSH: There you have it, folks. We’ve gotta keep updating these things. That was formerly, ‘In a Yugo.’ We still have ‘In a Yugo.’ We’ll still use it, but now it’s ‘In a Hybrid.’ That’s Paul Shanklin as Elvis. We actually shipped that away to Texas to have it mixed. Paul told me it took him twenty-seven takes to get the Elvis voice down. We worked hard on that.

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